November 18, 2006

Weenis of the Week

I just saw on the news this week that OJ Simpson has written a book called "If I Did It" in which he describes hypothetically how he would have murdered his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. He is apparently going to do an interview about it as well at the end of the month.

This screams tasteless on so many levels I can barely begin to write about it.

I am reminded of when my kids were little...they would take something they shouldn't like my keys, or the remote, and would say they didn't know where it was because they were afraid of getting in trouble. So then I figured out if I asked it this way, "If you were the remote, where would you be?" my kid would suddenly beam and bring it to me immediately from that hiding place in the bedroom.

I can hear the interview now.

"OJ, hypothetically speaking, if YOU were the one who had committed these murders, how would you have done it?"

Then he somehow proceeds to describe how he "would have done it" in an entire book, which will probably make him rich. The only reason he got off was because he was a big football hero and had loads of money to pay for great lawyers. Sports heroes in the US are notorious for doing crimes they never have to pay for. Makes me ill.

You disgust me, OJ Weenis Simpson.


Jazzy said...

I heard that he got 3 million for the book, but he owes like 33 million or something from the civil suit that he lost. The Brown family could go after this money, but they would maybe not go after it if it is placed in trust for the kids.

Janet M. Kincaid said...

Weenis is right. And Judith Regan is a Weenisette. And anyone who watches these interviews or buys the book is a Weenis.

He's as guilty of murder as hell is hot.

He wants to confess. He's dying to confess. He hasn't really gotten away with murder because he hasn't been truly able to talk, boast, and brag about his killings AND walk away.

Marcia Clark must be seething.

Anonymous said...

If OJ didn't do it, and this is a really big IF, he is just confirming what we suspected all along anyhow. He "might" not be guilty of that crime, but he is definitely guilty of not having any taste or decency.

Anonymous said...

Yeah huge weenis!! Big honkin weenis!

montchan said...

good one!