November 12, 2006



Nothing new to report. I drew all day on a portrait (which is looking GREAT by the way, JC!) and in the evening we went to play board games at my SIL's house. Good times were had by all.

Even if I didn't win.

My husband's new favorite game is Killer Bunnies, and I hate it because it's all luck of the draw. I much prefer strategy games. Settlers of Catan and all the different expansions/versions are my favorite games to play. Some luck, some skill with trading, and strategy are required in that game.

And you don't have to blow any bunnies up!! Nor do you have to have THE winning carrot card. Nor do you have to wait until you get lucky just to get a bunny card to play.

OK, that's all for tonight. Time to hit the sack.


Sideon said...

**grin** You're up late! I thought I was the only one up on this Saturday night, struggling with a post.

Settlers of Cataan, eh? I've heard about it but never played it. I LOVE games, but every time I get a group together to play anything, we end up drinking and eating and partying and forgetting about what we were there for in the first place.

Killer Bunny? Uhm. That sounds kind of... scary? :)

Be well.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Hi Sid,

Yeah, got home kinda late and realized I didn't post today!! Aaaarrggghh.

We play our games as seriously as Norwegians eat lutefisk. Our children are trained to not come near us unless it's supper time, and then they fend for themselves the entire 4 hours of our gaming. Serious business. Woe unto they who interrupt our game!!!

Or is it wo?

Jazzy said...

Killer Bunnies!!! AAARRRGGGHHH! One of the MOST frustrating games of all time! I am with you all the way on that one!


Eight Hour Lunch said...

We're hooked on cribbage right now. Less cards, less $$, and I love having my daughter along because it helps her practice her addition. Plus that board just looks cool.