November 17, 2006

A Birthday Letter

Dear S,

Nine years ago today, you were born into our family, rounding out our little Brady Bunch and tying us even closer together. You were 9 pounds, 5 ounces, and it felt good to hold you because you fit so well in my arms, especially because you were no longer stretching my ribcage and hips out. When Dad held you for the first time a little after you were born, the nurse gave him a 2 oz. bottle, telling us to see if you'd be willing to eat anything, that sometimes newborns drank a bit. Within about 2 minutes that bottle was empty! You knew what you wanted and got it, even then.

You are such a unique person in our family. I remember when you were first learning to talk, all you could say so far was Mommy, Daddy, and hi. I'd ask you, "Who am I?" You'd say, "Daadddy!" in your little teasing voice and then you'd laugh and laugh at your own joke. Then Dad would act all shocked and say, "But who am I then?" and you'd say, "Mooommy!" You were a tease, and you still enjoy teasing us, and your brother. And Chewie.

A few things I hope you never get tired of doing with me:

Painting & drawing
Telling each other made-up Wormy stories at bedtime
Reading books
Going on walks
Shopping at Michael's
Kisses and hugs
Taking photos of Chewie
Making faces in the mirror
Talking at each other upside down, and pretending our mouths are right-side-up.
Playing in the water and sand at the beach.

And our favorite, making up silly games to play while we do chores, like our game with the sheets on the bed: lifting the sheet high like a parachute, then jumping on the bed while it floats back down, and trying to bellow out "Ground control to Major Tom" before the sheet hits us! That game rocks. You've been begging me to wash the sheets again, and I think I know why! I can't wait to make up even more fun games together.

We are alike in many ways too. We both are afraid of swimming in water above our heads. Maybe we should take some private swimming lessons together to get over our fears. Bright sunshine hurts both of our blue eyes, although yours are way more blue. Ice blue. I love your eyes. We love going to the theater and eating popcorn through the whole movie. We both hate shopping, but understand that it's a necessary evil sometimes. We love to be cheesy. It's a real gift, you know. Isn't it almost time to cut another orange up and use the peel wedges for fake teeth again? We both get headaches when chaos is around us. We get exasperated at the men in our house at the same time.

Your teacher told us how refreshing it was to see a student your age who is not concerned with what others think of her. I know you get this from Dad, and I'm so glad you have that gift. Stay true to who you are, and don't worry about what anyone else thinks of you. You have an inner peace that many of us strive for and never really find.

I want you to always be happy with who you are, and remember that I will love you forever and ever, even when you're an old lady and I'm a really old lady.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your baby girl!!! Your post got to me...and i'm usually such a smartie pants.

Sideon said...

You are the coolest mom, SML. You have a wonderful family!

Be well.

Janet M. Kincaid said...

Happy Birthday to "S". And what a great mom you are!

(Note to "S": when you're much older, here's an idea for something to do on your birthday. Send your Mom flowers and tell her happy birthday and how glad you are that she's your Mom. I promise she'll love it!

I do this every year on my birthday and my Mom is always so astonished. It's a great gift!)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your daughter!!! (hers is the day before my daughters!)

She sounds absolutely amazing, and she is simply gorgeous! You have done such a great job raising her, you must be so proud!

Happy Birthday to S!

Cele said...

Two things. First S sounds lovely, and your post to her was lovely. I use to walk around with my eyes almost closed because the sun hurts them so bad, now just one is closed and the other is squinted.

Second, Janet, I do that. But I never sign the card, I just say thank you.

Just one of many said...

Thanks...I was enjoying a kid free I miss them sooo much!!!
Cute pics and stories. It's too bad we don't enjoy those moments as much when they are occuring as we do when we have time to reflect upon the past. Thanks for the reminder to take the time and enjoy them when they happen!!

Jazzy said...

Happy Birthday S.!!! Please tell S. how much we REALLY wish we could be there with her today.

montchan said...

sweet! Very sweet!

Bishop Rick said...




If S gets her looks from you, you must be one hot mama...I better qualify that...let me think...Got it...S looks like she will be gorgeous when she gets to be your age...whew, saved it.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Bishop, I look almost that good in my hair curlers. Almost.

And she is way cuter than me.

Dayngr said...

I really loved that post. Now you've gone and made evil, wicked, dark and twisty Dayngr get sniffly. So sweet.