November 15, 2006

To the Judges at NaBloPoMo

Dear Judges,

I really have posted daily. However, I didn't realize if a post is started the day before as a draft, and not posted until the day after, it still shows the previous day's date as the post date.

My post yesterday with the cute portrait of me drawn by my daughter, was actually posted on Tuesday, November 14th. I have many witnesses who read my blog who will vouch for me.

Hopefully I will still be eligible for the prize drawing, as I'm feeling very lucky right now.


Sister Mary Lisa


Janet M. Kincaid said...

I'll be the first to vouch for it. I read this blog every single day. Sometimes two or three times in a day. The picture by SML's talented daughter appeared on SML's blog yesterday morning.

Please give her a break or a dispensation or some grace or something. Please, please, please. The only reason some of us got into this NaBloPoMo thing is because she took the lead and has been our fearless leader ever since. I, personally, would have give up days ago, but nooooooo. I'm still hanging in there and it's all because of SML.

So, please, I--we--beg you: let her stay.

montchan said...

oh, in Firefox, you can change the dates of the post. Just do it quickly and nobody willnotice ;-)