May 13, 2010

Hi, my peeps!

I've been navigating life so fully that I've neglected my blog severely. I'm supposed to be busy today finishing my latest collage, but want to post a few upcoming topics I'll be writing about soon before I hit the collage again.

~ I finally set myself up as an artist. For real. With a business card and website and everything! I'm so excited. Check it out here if you wish.

~ I'm thrilled with the mourning doves that have created a nest in the rain gutter above my back patio. I'm enamored with birds, and always have been.

~ I've got more to tell regarding my Life In Flux Part 1 post. Parts 2 and further are brewing in my mind right now.

~ I appreciate the support and love I've felt from my blog friends. It carries over into my facebook which I believe has distracted me from my blog writing. Of course, divorce and not wanting to air my very real and very private life experiences pertaining to said divorce on this blog was the true reason I cut back so drastically so quickly, but I'm getting closer to being ready to write more. Thanks for your patience while I find my balance again. I'm happier than I've ever been and I'm ready to share that with you now.

But first, my collage is calling my name.