November 28, 2006

How cold is it?!

Today's high was 9 degrees I think. This morning we stepped outside to total snow cover, the frozen kind that crunches under your car tires. As I watched my daughter high stepping through the snow to the garage in her tennis shoes, I asked her, "Where are your boots?!"

"I don't have any yet, remember?"

"Oh, yeah. Sorry."

So tonight after dinner we got our heavy coats back on and headed out to go shopping.


Last night I blogged too late, and by the time I went to bed I was freezing. I couldn't sleep for the longest time...

This is the weather I wish I had back.


Sideon said...

I love it when it's raining cows, too.

"It's rainin' cows... halleluja, it's rainin' cows... amen!"

Oh wait - you mean summer! :)

Pete Dunn said...

9 degrees!?! Reminds me of winter scout camp. You can't even pee because every time you unzip your fly your weenie jumps back inside and you end up peeing all over your hands.

Anonymous said...

It was in the 70's today...need colder air! If the rest of my leaves don't fall soon, I am going to believe we skipped winter and entered spring! Love the arctic blast...

Bishop Rick said...

Amazing. I was up blogging late last night as well, and woke up to cold weather and the first snow of the season.

I know what y'all are thinking...I woke up in UT not MT.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Sideon, you are funny. I'm picturing that flying cow in the movie "Twister."

Pete, you crack me up. I really didn't need that mental image of pee on your hands, but thanks anyway.

JOOM, I am so jealous. Of course, anything hotter than 80 for me is too hot. I'm just never happy, am I?

BR, often the weather here is very similar to the weather there. I know because my mom, 2 bros and a sis live in SLC, and my dad lives in Brigham City. Sorry you were up late too. That kills the next day at work, I imagine.

Cele said...

We've had almost 20 inches of rain in November, snowflakes that didn't hit the ground for two days, and now it is 25 degrees. What gives? This is the Oregon Coast.

I'm visualizing Sid dancing to that disco tune, shaking his booty singing it's Rainin cows.

Pete what a visual.

Janet M. Kincaid said...

It's 49 degrees here today. Not sure what the humidity is, which can actually make it feel colder than the temperature. And, it's gray and overcast. Blech. I hate snow, but I almost wish it would snow, just for a change in scenery.

Nine degrees... Isn't that cold enough for the cilia in your nose to ice up? I always loved that sensation when I was growing up in Utah. It would be so cold outside that when you'd take that first breath through your nose, all the hairs and snot would instantly freeze up. Mm mm mmm. Lovely feeling.