November 21, 2006

A Special Gift For You!

I have decided to eliminate the irritating word verification requirement on my blog. This is my special gift to you, my loyal readers. However, if I suddenly notice an influx of junk spam on my blog comments, I will change it back.

Apparently my hubby has been reading my blog every day. He rarely says anything, but last night he couldn't help himself from saying that he couldn't believe I wrote about my period. I think he doesn't mention anything to me because he'd like me to think that he doesn't read my blog.

If you want to read my blog, read it. I don't care. I would probably not blog so much if we had one of those relationships where communication abounds, but since we don't, I will continue to enjoy blogging and even talking about my period whenever I feel like it.

Just wait until I start posting about breastfeeding! I'll try to warn you first in the title, so you can quit reading before you start puking and your eyeballs threaten to fall out. Oh yeah, and I may also write about poop, scratchy feet, psoriasis, boogers, ingrown toenails, whiskers on my chin, and anything else I may find is on my mind at any particular moment. In case you wondered.


Sideon said...

I've thought about the same. No, not breast feeding - turning off the verification thingy.

Your blog is awesome. I love the fact that you write about whatever the hell you want to write. Your love letters to your husband, your posts about your kids, PMS, whatever - it's a reflection of you and your thoughts.

Be well.

Sideon said...

Okay - you inspired me to turn off verification. Done deal.

If it gets spammy - it goes back on.

Cele said...

I found the word verification thingie frustrating, I inevitably miss read the letters, and then blogger would eat my reply. I got to where I would copy it before submitting. Needless to say the only time it would eat my post, would be when I forgot to copy.

Have you found it interesting that so many men are turned off by comments about breast feeding? I'm assuming this is from jealousy. Whatelse could it be?

And I love your blog I check it daily. Write on.

Sideon said...

Can someone explain why breast feeding would be a turn off for guys (I'm assuming the heterosexual ones here)?

Is it that I'm an evolved gay guy and can handle the conversation? :)

Sofi said...

I love all things poop and boogers! I would really like to hear some tales of what really happens in relief society.

Janet M. Kincaid said...

I love gifts! Does this one come with chocolate, per chance?

After my article on a little town in Austria, I'm going to have to leave comment verification on. I can only imagine what nut jobs will find my blog now as a result of "Fooking."

Genilimaa said...

He he he, looking forward to read more about the unmentionable topics.

Freckle Face Girl said...

hmmm...I think you've hit on something. Perhaps most married bloggers are in relationships where communication doesn't always abound. :)

Anonymous said...

I find your blog with the NaBloPoMo Randmonizer and this post made me crack up. My husband is the same way.... he gave me the third degree a few weeks ago when I mentioned I was going back on the pill... and that was after the 13 months of breastfeeding posts