April 24, 2008

What was I thinking?

I wore a turtleneck today, without thinking about the fact I'd be entering a bunch of invoices into my computer and also paying payables. This means a whole lot of looking back and forth between my stack of invoices and my monitor.

My neck is being rubbed raw. Damn.

The good news is, I'm getting a lot done. There is that.

***Edited to add that I just looked outside, and see that it's snowing. Again. It snowed on Monday enough that I actually had to scrape my car off at lunchtime. Maybe the turtleneck's not such a bad thing after all. Ugh.

April 18, 2008


So I've been pretty busy lately. Last week was hell week crammed into four days while I got all the billing done before I took off for the long drive to Boise on Friday for a soccer tournament for my son. Drove home all day Sunday and am still trying to catch up on sleep from the weekend.

Last night my son was at soccer practice where they were doing a shooting drill, and he dove to save a kick which came in hard at his torso, and somehow during catching the ball or diving, not sure which, he ended up with what he thought was a "messed up wrist" and arm. I drove him to the same-day care and they took x-rays and my son's worst fears were confirmed:

He broke his arm. Radius, to be exact.

Today the orthopedic doctor will put it in a cast and tell us what the damage is. I think his soccer season's over, and that sucks. I was impressed with his trying to look at the possible plusses to breaking his right arm (the one he writes with) and losing out on soccer. He said, "Sweet! I get out of gym class!" (his gym teacher is a real piece of work). We also joked that he could get a Ferris Bueller-like trend going on at school. He could have kids starting up collections on his behalf in no time! Girls will be all over the sympathy for him. Heh.

Poor kid. This is not an easy year for my kids. Sigh.

April 9, 2008

Update on Eyelash Curler Suckitude

I'm a genius.

After dipping my hand in icewater for ten minutes in an attempt to shrink my fingers so they'd fit in my new eyelash curler, and curling my eyelashes slowly and carefully....I had an epiphany.

I took the new Cover Girl rubber filler and put it in my old Maybelline eyelash curler.

Et viola!

Why the serious hell didn't I think of it before??

April 8, 2008


Seriously. I bought a new eyelash curler, Cover Girl brand this time, because Maybelline (the one I've had for years) switched from having the white refills to black, rubbery refills that have a rounded edge vs. a flat one. The strange part of the black refill is, you can be using the curler every day just fine, then the next day the black rubber refill won't stay put and pops out all over the place so you can't curl your eyelashes due to the black thing popping out at the last second right into your eye.

So unacceptable. Especially when you're used to curling your eyelashes while driving the kids to school.

The sucky thing about the Cover Girl eyelash curler is this: they designed the curler to fit the hands of a four year old. I can barely get my two fingertips into the holes of the handle, so curling my eyelashes is tricky at best. I can't imagine any adult wielding that curler comfortably, the design is that bad.

And yet...it does have the soft refill with a flat edge, so my eyelashes look good, at least. That counts for something, I suppose. I just hope that I don't have an accident where my fingertip slips off the edge of the tiny handle while I'm curling and I end up ripping out all my lashes.

April 3, 2008

Busy, I mean REALLY busy.

I know I've said I was busy before, but this latest absence from my blog is really legitimate! I've been super swamped at work lately, and also have had no internet at home right now, and won't until later next week.

I'm feeling spring right now, and I'm loving the birds returning and the tulips coming out of the ground, and the warmer weather (such that it is). Soccer travels begin this weekend too, which is always fun. Montana is beautiful.

:) Happy Thursday. I'll post more quality stuff this weekend, hopefully.