November 12, 2006

NaBloPoMo No Mo

I'm gonna finish this month since I already promised myself I'd post daily during the entire month of November, but I vow right now...

Never again.

My creativity is stifled doing this stupid thing. Where once I used to post as soon as a good idea hit me, now I weigh whether or not to post it yet, or save it for days when I have nothing good to say. This causes me to not post anything that's any good, because I forget my great idea. And even though I've thought that it might be a good idea to keep a little notebook for jotting good ideas down in as I go about my day, I'm not going to because my purse is already 30 pounds and I know I probably would forget I had the notebook anyway.

Also, I must admit I did it for reasons that weren't completely altruistic. I also did it to get on their list of blogs in the challenge, in order to maybe get lucky and win something at the end...Now that I dogged their idea and challenge, I wonder if I won't win now, even if my name is drawn...

Well, some of the whole blog daily idea is good, but I know you know what I'm talking about here, especially those of you who have also decided to take the challenge.

Repeat after me:


Unless, of course, I win something awesome, then y' DAMN RIGHT I'll do it again!


Cecily said...

LOL... I'm with you sister! Except I haven't given up on NaBloPoMo yet! But it's driving me mad. And the hope of fame? Plenty of people visit, but not many comment. Oh well... don't really want to be famous anyway. I like the premise of your blog, so might keep reading if you don't mind!

Molecular Turtle said...

I totally agree with you. When you're writing a deadline the quality tends to go down and you're not doing it for fun anymore, it's more like a job. Except you know one that comes with all the stuff you don't like and no money

Genilimaa said...

I like the pressure of one-a-day! It's a challenge to examine every passing embryo of a thought to see if there's a post in it.

But I don't think I could keep it up from outside pressure, I'm too fond of giving myself surprise weekends off..

Cele said...

when you said you were going to post a blog a day I thought, "Cele, she's a bigger woman than you." There is no way I could do it, I can't post faithfully once aweek.