November 1, 2006

To: Almond Joy lovers

Only buy the bag of MINI Almond Joy bars. The almond to coconut ratio is perfect!

When you buy the fun sized ones, you end up eating each end first, and saving the almond bite for last. With minis, you don't have that problem. Each one is perfection in coconutty goodness!

You may thank me later.


La said...

HAHA!! Duly noted. I love almond joys. Ooh, hey, daughter is at school! I should raid her stash!! :)

Cele said...

My ass truly loves Almond Joy minis and if I take you advice my butt will need a third zip code. But you are sooo right, the ratio is perfection.

Sideon said...


Coconut in a CANDY?


I'll take a Big Hunk any day.


Sister Mary Lisa said...

Sideon, we all know your penchant for big hunks. We know you can't help yourself, any more than we can help our love of coconutty perfection. We were BORN that way.

Sideon said...


Finally, a voice of reason. Add to the fact that I've had my morning coffee and a delicious breakfast at work... I'm downright giddy.

Secret: I like FRESH coconut.

Off topic - thank you so much for your kind words about my story/series. I'm glad that you're enjoying it. I'll admit - I was worried that anyone would find it interesting!

Be well.

Freckle Face Girl said...


Christy said...

I'm with you, I love almond joys too! BUT... I know I'm not imagining things, I remember when the smaller bars had 2 almonds in them. Or has it always been just 1? I'm pretty sure there were two, and now they're going the American way and trying to charge more for less. I noticed that the mini snickers are also smaller than they used to be.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Sideon, you worrying that we won't find your story interesting is like me worrying that you won't find my drawings good. :)

Christy, they may well have had two for each bite. That's why I prefer the minis now!

La said...

Damn you and all this talk of candy. THIS is why I hate holidays. :)

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm? Crunch * crunch * smack. Did you say something, La? I couldn't hear you since I was chewing and it was crunching in my ear.


Bishop Rick said...

I rwlly lvv rlmd jwws "swallow" too.

Janet M. Kincaid said...

Hear, hear!

I'm still waiting for the folks who make Bounty bars (the Euro equivalent of Almond Joy and Mounds) to start putting an almond in their milk chocolate coconut bar. What is all ready celestial would then be divine.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

BR, there's something about talking with your mouth full of Almond Joy that makes my day, you know?

Are you ever gonna guess what my actual lie is??

Anonymous said...

Ah, the Almond Joy. My 7 year old even loves them. She pops a mini in her mouth and her eyes roll back as she smiles. It is so cute. Everyone else in the family is repulsed by them.

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