October 8, 2006

Working on the weekend sucks.

I brought home a pile of work this weekend, something I hate doing, but the thought of doing it during the daytime next week in addition to creating payment applications for our clients was unthinkable.

Here's the gist of what my work entails today...
Take 1.5 inch high stack of copies of last month's invoices from subcontractors and suppliers and sort them by job.

Take job invoices and sort alphabetically by sub and supplier.

Track sub invoices and track their subcontracts to make sure they haven't overcharged.

Track change orders.

My work described in a word? BORING.


Bishop Rick said...


Working on the weekend has become routine for me...the curse of being a salaried employee.

So I am with you.

pkrlfwyd - I think that is short for pucker life with you'd

Okay, that makes no sense.

Jazzy said...


I definitely how it is doing work on the weekend. Not only because of school, which is all I have done this weekend, but also because of my old job. I could have done work every weekend and still not been caught up. (That is pretty sad indeed)

The payoff for you will be next week when you have done part of your work already.

Hang in there, this is the busiest part of your month!


La said...

I'm going to jump in and be selfish here. I'm glad you're blogging when you should be working! :) :) :)

Now get to work so you can blog some more!

Anonymous said...

SML, your job sounds really boring I don't think that I could do it for 5 minutes, and it does suck to work on the weekends. While I like to referee hockey, I woke-up today still tired that's because I had appointments on Saturday, hockey, and I had hockey on Sunday. Very little down time over the weekend, next weekend all family no work or hockey.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Thanks for understanding, everyone. I'd love to be home and not at work today. Oh well, somehow I'm addicted to that feeling I get when I can pay my bills without worrying.