October 3, 2006

I've been cursed!

Oh oh. We park our car in the back yard in our detached garage, but today my son went out the front door to put a movie return in the mailbox. When he opened the door he found a paper bag, decorated with water soluble markers, soaking in the rain that fell all night. Someone in the ward has started the little Halloween phantom thing again....they attached the following note, along with 5 copies of it, now stained pink and soaking wet:

Good Evening,

If you do not wish a curse on this house, you must make two treats and deliver them to two homes in the (Named) Ward. You have only three days, so hurry. Post the Phantom on your door until Halloween. This will ward off the Phantom curse from returning to haunt you and yours. Copy this letter and Phantom for each, then deliver them to a home that does not have a Phantom posted.


Nobody will convince me that we weren't targeted for first delivery because of the special status we now hold in the ward. Inside the soaking wet paper bag was a ziploc sandwich baggie with 6 M&M cookies inside. There are 4 people living in my home...I guess that meant one each for the girls, and 2 each for the boys? The pathetic part of it all: the cookies are so hard, that not even the Bottomless Pit I call my son wanted to eat one. You can bet I'll be cutting out all 6 phantoms and posting them on my door. Thanks but no thanks.


Cele said...

It's a cute idea in an enclosed, controlled enviroment...like when I was in beauty college....a heck of a long time ago. But now I know Mormons curse people. That is just scary. No meat...just milk...and curses. hmmmm

La said...

Cute idea, but dumb too. Kind of a paradox.

I'd probably just toss all of it. But cookies... The baker in me is being sparked to life today!! :)

Anonymous said...

Such a Catholic holiday embraced by the Mormons, what's the problem with this picture?

Sister Mary Lisa said...

La, you can bet I'll be hanging those paper ghosts on my door. Last year I forgot that dumb part of it and actually got hit 3 times before I remembered. Shaking my head.

Anonymous said...

Geeze, You missed the perfect opportunity to pass on a bag of carrots...

Kita Kazoo
Planet Kita Kazoo

Rebecca said...

They're doing CHAIN TREATS now? What?!?! WHAT?!?!?! Chain letters (and emails) are bad enough.

*Repost this comment on seven different blogs within seven days, or you'll be lynched by Mormons, who will suffocate you with jell-o*