October 2, 2006

My reply to the PP

I e-mailed a reply to the PP's e-mail to me that I posted here last week...

Dear T.,

I appreciate your concern. While this is not easy, knowing how people at church will perceive me and my family, I've never felt more authentic or true to myself. I know that God lives and loves me, as He does everyone, LDS or not, and this gives me great comfort and happiness.

I hope you aren't feeling sorrow over me. I have personally never felt such happiness and such a sense of well-being in my entire life. For the first time, I'm happy as I am, and this is no small thing. It doesn't mean I've suddenly chosen a life of sin. My life is exactly the same, except I don't dedicate so much of my free time to attending church and working there. I have found a greater love for people, especially those close to me, and that's priceless.

My choice to leave the LDS church is based on a lot more than just the discovery that Brigham Young taught that Adam was God the Father. I discovered many things that caused me to come to my realization. However, because I respect you and your faith, I don't want to outline for you why I think the church isn't true. I would hope my true friends respect that and don't try the opposite with me.

Thanks for your sweetness.




Cele said...

Touchè and well said.

Bull said...

I've been surprised that only one single person at the ward has wanted to discuss my reasons for disbelief. A couple have told me privately that they don't believe either and another has told me that she understands why. You can probably expect silence.

Sideon said...

SML, that's a wonderful note. You demonstrate care and compassion. You offer an olive branch of friendship.

One can only hope she separates her cult mindset with a "live and let live" attitude. Hey - I can have a dream :)


Just one of many said...

Good response...should have added "So, leave me the hell alone!! Lol! thanks for the post!

A soul, finally free. said...

Well I agree with everyone. GREAT POST. And way to be honest, but not push anything in her face. You are demonstrating the golden rule here. Treating others how you would like to be treated. Satan better start firming up his grip on you, you are doing what the bible says. TIGHTER SATAN TIGHTER. SML IS GETTING AWAY. hahaha, j/k. YOu are amazing, I can't say it enough.

Jazzy said...

Thanks Cele,

I plan on bombing them in a couple weeks.

Anonymous said...

The church teaches people so pervasively to fear and mistrust themselves, and to fear what can only be called "contamination" by information, that they truly fear that contamination.