October 20, 2006


Is Blogger running funky and slow today, or is it just me?


Sideon said...

It's slow.

It's funky.

It's not fun.

It makes me want to host my own blog. *sigh* We have the space. I'm just lazy and don't want to figure out how to migrate my blog (and comments) from Blogger to our site.


Jazzy said...


If you build it we will come! I just lost the blog I was trying to publish today, which is a Bummer. I just hope that I can recreate it.

La said...

It's crap, is what it is. It seems to be better for the moment, however.

Cele said...

Jazzy, it has been fully determined that if Blogger eats your blog you get 300 free calories to compensate for the frustration.

I can't blame blogger,I've been computer frustrated for the last two days. I'm blaming Windows Live Messenger.

Jazzy said...


I have taken full advantage of the free calories determination!!

I recreated my blog (kind of). It wasn't word for word from the original, but it is close.