October 2, 2006


Once again, General Conference has come and gone, something that means absolutely nothing to me. I didn't drink in honor of the esteemed event. I just completely forgot it was happening. I think my giving it no thought whatsoever is the best acknowledgement it deserves.

I may be giving away something here, but I watched it twice as a married adult. (Maybe Sister Mary Lisa isn't as good as she lets on!!) I figured I could read up on it on LDS.org or I could read it in the Ensign. I think I got motivated and taped it a few times over the years, but I never actually watched the tape. I usually embraced conference Sunday as a well-deserved day off from my duties at church. I've ALWAYS had duties.

Last General Conference, in the spirit of trying to prepare to get myself to the temple, I made my kids sit with me downstairs and watch it while my husband watched a Nascar race upstairs. He said he didn't care if I wanted to watch conference upstairs, but I didn't want to subject him to it.

As we watched it, I found myself getting mad, I mean really mad, if my kids started playing and not listening. I could see myself transforming into the glaring, angry, teeth-clenching, self-righteous, losing-the-lips form of my dad.....

That really helps kids feel great toward the church, I should know.

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Anonymous said...

I totally forgot about conference until I encountered a sea of white shirts and ties on saturday evening at the local ice cream shop. I guess they had to bribe the guys to get them to the priesthood session.