October 27, 2006

Weenis Of the Week

Last night while I was on the computer, my son asked me to give him a back rub. After I rubbed his shoulders for a bit, he moved so I could massage his arm and shoulder. I was massaging when I noticed his elbow and I pulled the patch of really dry skin there. He said, "What's wrong with my weenis?" I had to laugh because I had forgotten that he told us a few months ago that the back of the elbow is called the weenis, and I told him that wasn't a real body part term. But he swore he thought it was, all his friends called the outside of your elbow a weenis. I told him his friends were pulling his leg and he was being gullible.

So last night I laughed again and repeated that I didn't think this was a word, really. But I was at the computer already, so why not? I Googled the word weenis. Lo and behold, it's there! I couldn't believe it. Apparently it IS the term for the back of the elbow. Maybe the slang term, but the term nonetheless.

I've decided the word weenis is too priceless not to use for my own ends.

Therefore, this post marks the beginning of my Weenis of the Week spotlight.


David Caruso.

I see him on the TV screen and I'm instantly mad for no apparent reason other than he bugs the crap out of me. I hated him in NYPD Blue, and I hate him in CSI Miami. Why do some casting directors think he's good at drama? I absolutely hate how he looks down all the time while he's speaking to people, then at the last second he looks up. Every single time, every single scene. And what's up with that voice of his??

David, you are a weenis.


Cele said...

One of the reasons I quit watching CSI Miami is because of David Caruso's unbelievely bad acting ability. Have you noticed that there is usually an incredibly bad pun, delivered in an incredibly bad style by your Weenis of the Week?

Love the word, thank you.

Sideon said...

***howling, hooting and hollering****

OMG, you crack me up!

I'd post a weenis of the week, but I'm afraid that it would be pornographic :)


Sofi said...

He is a weenis, and I can't get away from him. Not long ago I saw him strolling through the grocery store trying to be all low key, in a very obvious way. After I left him in the produce section, I jumped in line to pay, and his mug was on two different magazine covers. He is so not cute.

Cele said...

BTW ... Tag you're it. Two of the blogs I visit numerous times each day were tagged...it's been great fun.

Now you have to post five things about yourself and one has to be a lie. Can your readers figure out which?

Dayngr said...

Yuck! I hate DC he is a total WENIS and the one and only reason I no longer watch CSI Miami.

Eric said...

I think you're a biggot against the GINGER weenis! Could that stem from your youth???
EVERYONE knows that David Spade is the biggest little weenis on TV. Who can look at him, his acting or his voice without wanting to kill his mother - Terminator Style - simply to prevent his eventual birth! I wonder if he got overlooked because he is blonde and SO ARE YOU!

Beerspitnight said...

Thanks for the vocab addition! Now I have an appropriate response for when my students do something stupid.
"Stop being such a weenis!" -although I am sure that if I used it in class I would be called down to the principle (yet agaiin) in order to explain my word choice. Maybe I should stick with "Stop being such a donkey!"

Liseysmom said...

I so so so agree. My hubby and I just sit there and watch CSI Miami and make fun of it all the way through.

And Weenis - hee, hee, hee, hee...

Rebecca said...

He's a total back-of-the-elbow. Like I know - I don't watch that show. I'm pretty much just jumping on the lynching bandwagon. An old boss pointed out to me that on "Law and Order: CI" the man knows EVERY SINGLE THING IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE, and the woman just repeats what he says. It infuriated her, but I think it's HILARIOUS. TOTALLY the reason I started watching the show. That has nothing to do with anything, but whatever.

Anonymous said...

i actually found your blog because i was googling 'wenis' lol. but you are absolutely correct. he is by far and away the biggest weenis on television.