October 25, 2006

I need you!

I've got a dinner party at a restaurant this Saturday night (fundraiser for the soccer program at the local college) and we are encouraged to wear Halloween costumes. I searched the internet and came up with my plan, but I'd appreciate any good ideas from you, my friends.

I'm dressing in all white and sticking white notes all over myself that say stuff like: the check's in the mail, no that dress doesn't make you look fat, I'll call you, etc. I'm going as a little white lie.

Any ideas of good little white lies for me to use?



Christy said...

I'm LOVING this idea! How creative are you! Okay, let me think.... "Yes, that tie does make you look thinner"... "It's not you, it's me" "It's not the people, it's the Gospel"... hmmm, I'll think some more and get back to you!

La said...

I had a really great time!

No, he's not available right now.

I NEVER fart. Ew.

I totally wasn't checking that guy out!

*cough* I think I'm coming down with something...

"It wasn't me!" (my daughter's favorite phrase)

Not tonight, dear, I have a headache.

Cele said...

First off, go listen to the Teri Clark single, Girls Lie Too

Trust me baby!

I have to wash my hair

No, I never

montchan said...

You're a great cook.
It wasn't your fault.
I wasn't speeding!
Oh, what a beautiful baby!
Of course it's home-made.

Just one of many said...

I only had one beer
It is low fat
We are just friends
I love my mother-n-law
I feel really blessed right now
you are so creative
***** this is a five star idea!! I might just have to copy it! (not a white lie!)

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Christy, I'm not creative. I found the idea on the internet.

I love all your ideas, everyone!!! I'll be using them all, to be sure.

:) I'm pretty stoked for this party.

Freckle Face Girl said...

I got stuck in traffic.
The battery died on my cell phone.

Anonymous said...

I have been the giver and receiver of:

"It's not you, it's me."

Anonymous said...

I went back a saw that Christy's post mentioned that while lie already, so let me add...
"Yes, of course I read the whole thing!" lol.

Bishop Rick said...

I hate going tenth. All the good stuff is gone.

It was good for me too.

I wasn't winking, I had something in my eye (in honor of cele).

The check's in the mail (can't believe that one wasn't used).

Yes, I am a full tithe payer.

I am totally honest in all my business dealings (we have all said that one).

I gave at the office.

You are my first.

Of course I will respect you tomorrow.

Janet M. Kincaid said...

I do NOT pee in the shower!

Some of my best friends are (fill in the blank.)

Not tonight, honey. I have a headache.

Mommy loves you all equally.

Liver is my favorite.

Let's do that again sometime.

Call me! We'll do lunch.

I'm late because I slept through my alarm.

My dog ate my homework. Really!

Sister Mary Lisa... It's SO good to see you. We missed you SO much last week.

Mmm. This is SO good. You've absolutely GOT to give me the recipe.

Wow! I think I came four times! You're amazing!

We were on our way to meet you and then the cat got sick and we had to go to the vet.

Rebecca said...

Oh man, I'm so sad that I'm late to the party on this one. TOTALLY awesome costume idea, though - whether you thought of it or not (white lie - "Yeah, this is my own original idea").