October 19, 2006

Reason #37 I'm glad I work alone.

A few instances lately have confirmed to me that I'd never have the patience to work with people like my husband does. He manages a fast food restaurant. Some of them are adults, but most are aged 16-22 and it seems they are somewhat challenged in the brain department sometimes.

First, he told them this week that for Halloween he was going to wrap himself in pink cellophane and go as "Eye Candy." My husband is in his forties and while I might think he's hot, he's not your typical Hollywood version of fine. When he said it, he was expecting them to laugh and rib him for considering himself eye candy, but instead he got blank stares. From everyone. And they made him explain what he meant. Even then they didn't really find it funny. I personally think it's hilarious, and I hope he really does go to our party as eye candy!

Secondly, yesterday he had written the words "From Our Customers" on the envelope of each of their paychecks. Not one person at his work understood it. He had to explain it over and over to each one..."Where do you think the owner gets the money he pays you?" Some of them got it then and some of them didn't.

I'm so glad I sit alone in an office.


Eric said...

Oh that takes me right back to fast food! I had one restaurant that actually STAMPED the from our cust. bit right ON the paycheck. I did the same thing-explaining one by one.
As for your husband in celophane! That one is hilarious!!! He's a funny man. He's always been eye candy to me! GRRRRRR

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Isn't the eye candy idea hilarious? Maybe it's better explained this way: The one time he made me clip his hair using the #4 attachment on the clippers, he looked JUST LIKE Curly on the Three Stooges for weeks until his damn hair grew back in longer. Too funny.

Sideon said...


He'd wear JUST the pink celophane?


I'm having costume anxiety. I don't know what the hell I'm doing this year. Less than two weeks before the big party!

Sister Mary Lisa said...

I know what you mean, Sid. My party's one week away!!! What to wear, what to wear???

Sigh. And I'm thinking he'd put cellophane all over his clothed body, only because it's cold here, but you never know.

La said...

I'm going as Cleopatra, which reminds me I need to go find an outfit. I love Halloween.

Make sure to take pics of your costumes, would you? I can't wait to see it...

Cele said...

Your husband has definate wit.

I spent Monday evening explaining to my radio class the importance of 1) remaining true to your listeners
2) consideration for sponsors
3) consideration for the stations' rules
4) and how 17 year old boys can not say gonads over the air.

I love teens, but somedays they make me feel old. I want to go to a Halloween part. bummer

Freckle Face Girl said...

WoW! That is why his employess only get minimum wage. :)

I love the eye candy idea!

MattMan said...

SML, the #4 attachment?! What kind of hippy you raisin' there?! I use #1 and am thinking that leaves me a little shaggy. ;)

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Mattman, maybe I'll start calling you Curly instead!

Freckle, sadly the ones he had to explain it to were his shift managers. Shaking my head.

La, you'll be great as Cleopatra. You taking any serpents in a basket??

Christy said...

Eye Candy? HA!! I love it!! How creative!

A soul, finally free. said...

That is so funny!!! Even I get the term eyecandy and I think that is a really funny idea. I hope he does that...what restraunt foes he mange...i might need to get a job if I dont get any housesitting offers. Anyway I got both of the jokes and think there funny...but some people....yeah they just dont get much!!! Maybe he should try mentioning sex and drugs, they'll understnad that. Well have a good one...lunch rocked..we have to do it again!!!

Molly The Mormon said...

I'm going as EMMA.


Molly the Mormon