October 30, 2006

The Answer!

OK, thanks for playing, everyone. I'm ready to give you the answer to my truth/lie post. I wasn't given the rules for when to divulge the truth, but I hate being left hanging, so I won't do that to you guys like SOME PEOPLE I know.

1. I jumped the fence of a locked cemetery in Vienna late at night and walked around the graves to see the headstones with candles burning in remembrance of the dead.

TRUE. I was with a group of BYU Study Abroad students and we were walking around and came upon the cemetery, and it was so beautiful but locked. We walked along the tall wall and we actually came upon a chair hidden in the bushes...so now my brother Eric knows how I was able to scale a wall, since he doubts I can do it. Thanks a LOT.

2. I don't know how to swim.

Sad, but TRUE. I was so mad at my mom when I was a teen and I confronted her as to why she didn't give me lessons, and she said, "Honey, I tried 3 times. YOU wouldn't get in the water."


3. My first kiss was with a man(boy) who later turned out to be gay.

TRUE. Cal M. I'm glad he found happiness finally. He surely didn't find any with me and my little dry peck of a kiss. In case you wonder, I did figure out how to kiss eventually.

4. I skipped school as an exchange student for over half the year. I never told my host parents.

TRUE, except for the never told my host parents part. I told them a year ago. In a letter. And oh how my German's suffered for it. I was such an idiot. Eric, did I ever pay you back for that phone call???

5. I rode the Greyhound bus from Billings, MT to Colorado Springs once. It took 22 hours.

FALSE. I DID take the Greyhound bus from Billings to Colorado Springs in the summer between my junior and senior years in high school because I got accepted for the Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation Summer Seminar at Colorado College to study art for a week or two (I can't remember the time frame of it, I only know it was awesome.) However, the bus ride was only 20 hours including layovers, not 22 hours.


La said...

It was a lie by 2 measly hours?? CHEAP, Lisa. Come ON!! Lie, baby.

I made love on a yacht in the Mediterranean with a stunning Italian millionaire.

THERE is a lie. *sigh*

Cele said...

Ha, you did the same thing I did, used the truth to tell a lie. So now we need to know what you did instead of going to school for half a year?

Rebecca said...

HA! I WIN!!! Except I have to agree with La - I've played this game before (in my creative writing class in college - money well spent), and people who tell the truth with a tiny lie-let are cheating. I swear, about half our class did that: "The lie was that I have an older sister. I REALLY have a YOUNGER sister." Lame. Way lame. By the end of the game I could tell the professor was PISSED at the LACK of creativity in our CREATIVE writing class. Did not bode well for the rest of the semester. Not that I'm calling you un-creative...except that, let's admit it, I really am. But it's positive encouragement - I'm sure you'll come up with an awesome and plausible lie next time. :) (insert maniacal and totally pretentious laugh here)

Cele said...

Rebecca what I found when I played this game was I could come up with really great truths, but coming up with a lie was not easy. Next time will use someone else's truth for my lie. I know I cheat.