October 9, 2006

If a letter doesn't work.....

You may remember the latest letter (aka Love Bomb) I got from the ward clerk whom I don't know or talk to...

Last night we were sitting at home watching a movie together as a family, when the phone rings. It was Sister Ward Clerk, whom I've rarely spoken to, and never outside the realm of primary. She was only recently called to the primary, so I don't know her at all.


"Hi! It's J.N."


"I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all your hard work and dedication in primary. Sometimes people don't tell people at church how much they appreciate them, and I didn't want that to happen to you."


"OK, well, I didn't see you at church today. Is everything OK?"

"Just fine. I've never been better, actually."

"Oh.....Ok, then. Just wanted to say I really appreciate your hard work and dedication. Goodbye, then.


I have to say I'm not quite sure why these people want to contact me like this, unless the bishop asked them to. But they are the ones with the little kids who bear their testimony from the time they can first babble incoherently into the microphone when they are toddlers. Their daughter, who's my daughter's age (8), is the one who gets uber upset each time the class has fun or laughs or plays a game, because it's not reverent. I feel sorry for them.

Do they really want me to tell them outright why I'm not there, when they obviously already know why? Do they really actually think such a lukewarm letter and phone call are the pivotal thing that'll bring me back into the fold? It's insulting when they act like they think I must be AWOL because someone didn't appreciate me or thank me for all my hard work. If that had been the case, I'd have been inactive as a Beehive in young womens.

I'm thinking the next time they contact me, I'll ask them "Why are you calling me, really? Did the bishop put you up to this?" Or I'll say, "I have one question for you to answer immediately: What's my husband's name?" When they flounder and don't know, I'll say, "Since you obviously don't know me, please quit calling and writing me. I know the church isn't true, but friendship is, and you aren't even my friend, so drop it already."


MattMan said...

Ooo, *sizzle*. I LOVE that last one. Talk about a truthful zinger.

Cele said...

I'm with Mattman, good one.

And it is so true why are they acting so false?

La said...

Gr. Oh that reminds me that we have dinner with the momo neighbors scheduled for tomorrow evening. Ooh, I wonder what'll happen! You got me ALL excited, Lis!!! :) Never thought you'd hear a girl say that to you, huh?


Jazzy said...


Sometimes sublty doesn't work and you have to tell it like it is! No more beating around the bush, playing the "nice guy."


Just one of many said...

La you g ot us all excited :)
SML, I had a 50+ ward member corner me at a burger joint in the mall on Friday. She asked me point blank "You are never coming back to church are you?" I said, "No, but I hope you continue to find comfort in your religion of choice". Imagine a big ass smile as I said it. She asked if my kids are fine with it and I continued to smile and said yes, they are great! She then told me how her children and children didn't want her to go anymore.
I didn't even remember her name until I got home that evening. Keep the big smile and life will be ok...but it's ok with me if you tell them to f-off!

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Thanks for all the support! Now you guys have me all excited! No way to start the day at work!!

Have fun at your dinner, La! JOOM, I'm glad you kept smilin'! Jazzy, you know how hard it is for me not to be nice!

Bishop Rick said...


Of course it is impossible to tell anything from a few read sentences, but I almost got the sense that the 50+ ward member might have wanted to discuss some of her own doubts with you.

Could be totally wrong.


Sister Mary Lisa said...

I got the same impression as BR, Joom. Interesting...

Sideon said...

At face value, it was a nice phone call - reaching out to thank you was a nice gesture.

Her intent? Good question. Based on history of the Morg, she's part of the bishopric posse, trying to find out who offended you or how you were offended :) You answers probably threw her for a loop since you've "never been better." Heh.

Off topic here, but your brother's artwork is amazing. I didn't see anything until today on his myspace account. Are all of you siblings gifted like that?? Will you post any of your artwork, SML?


Sister Mary Lisa said...

Sideon, how nice of you! Now that my head has become too big to get out the door, I'm stuck blogging until the swelling goes down!

To answer your question: S. and I are the 2 sibs in our family of 8 kids who are gifted in visual art. He is amazing to me because his art comes straight from his imagination, something I stink at. I can re-create anything and make it look good, but I admire most those artists who can do what he does. He IS great! I have very gifted siblings in many different areas...a good topic for another post!

Someday I'll post more artwork too. I need to tweak my bad photos and make them look more like my art does in real life.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Oh, I almost forgot, I also believe my youngest sis is good at art too! I've seen a couple drawings that were very good. I believe anyone can draw if they learn how to "see" and have confidence in their creativity. I think we all have that to some degree.

Sideon said...

OT, but you reminded me with your "swell" comment...

"That was swell, but it's gone down now." - from the movie Tank Girl

My artistic skills are limited. I spend more time looking at colors than doing anything with them. I'm more of a "collector." I bought hundreds of dollars in stained glass, but as of yet, have created ONE piece. I get fascinated by the light on the glass, the texture... it's maddening, I tell you. As far as drawing? Egads. My stick figures look like bad spaghetti. My painting is marginally better. For some reason I took to tile work and glaze much easier than oils or watercolors.

You should post some of your work :)




Sister Mary Lisa said...

Sideon, I'll post mine if you'll post yours! *grinning a huge grin with eyebrows wiggling up and down*

I'd love to see your one stained glass piece, and anything else. Very cool.

Sideon said...


Chanson already dared me to post mine - and I'm not talkin' artwork.


Or maybe I am?


I need to photoshop an adult "art" pic :)

Sister Mary Lisa said...

There's absolutely nothing wrong with the naked body. That's art at its finest. Of course, certain bodies make for better fine art than others!

Anonymous said...

great post SML, I liked the conversation and I read it with a sarcastic tone. Get'em next time girl...

Cele said...

Sid stained glass is a beautiful art. I took classes many years ago, bought all the equipment,created a few pieces, and promptly burnt out. I always say I will go back, but I'm a dud. I hope you are better than me.

Janet M. Kincaid said...

I only have one response to the call from the ward clerk's wife: GAG!

Bishop Rick said...


I spend hours staring at shiny things too :)

They are so shiny.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Bishop Rick, I'm reminded of the movie A Bug's Life where the moths are flying toward the bug zapper and the one says tells his friend to look away from the light and he flies right toward it saying in a slow voice, "I can't help it."