October 24, 2006

Absolutely, Positively

I've looked back and noticed how depressing my posts are during PMS and throughout the week after. So...I'm going to list some random things that I like lately, in an effort to forget my pounding head and pull myself up a little bit.

Montchan, I like you. I like how you think Grissom from CSI is HOT, and how you think that David Caruso from CSI Miami is NOT.

I like that it's 60 degrees here today, with no wind so I can open the doors to my office and adjoining shop and enjoy the fresh air while the sun shines.

I like that my husband can digitally tape something naughty using DVR that we can RENAME to protect the innocent, and I like that we plan to watch it tonight after the kids go to bed! Yesss.

I like that I got to go to lunch this week with Jazzy and other family members whom I love. How fun it is!

I like that last night I got up off my couch and took the kids to Skate Nite for the school. I liked how brave they were skating, even though they aren't as good as they'd like to be.

I like that it's almost 5:00 p.m., so I can go home!


Molly The Mormon said...

I like snuggling up to cup of hot chocolate reading the Book of Mormon.

I like thinking of Joseph Smith.

I like baking my famous chocolate chip cookies.

I liked the visiting teaching lesson I got today.

I liked that my church magazines showed up today.

Oh and I just love the church!!


Molly the Mormon

Eric said...

Happiness is 2 kinds of ice cream, finding my skate key, having a friend....

Cele said...

Remember all the times you wore your socks to bed...WITH YOUR SWEATS ON... and still were wishing for flannel sheets? Those days are gone, welcome to the overheated sistahood.

La said...

I like that you consciously made an effort to change your mood. That's a good idea, I tell you. :)

Floating in the Milk said...

What sort of DVR do you have that you can rename things? That's such a good idea. I'm always reluctant to leave stuff on the DVR in my room, because my 13 year old likes to watch the Simpsons and SNL in there before I get home from work. I can set a ratings limit, but she really doesn't need to be skeeved out by seeing that her parents have taped stuff from the Playboy Channel.

montchan said...

Thanks chica!!!

You started it! Suddenly, a whole bunch came out of the woodwork agreeing with you. Amazing!

Now if I could only figure out who the other guys were, I'd be happy. Because we don't have cable. And our TV is illegal anyway. So whenever the TV police comes to our door, I lie we don't have one.

Oh, and the things I like (in addition to your humble self) are:
I like the underwear I got today.
I like the pickles I bought today.
I like that both of my cats are on top on me right now.
I like that it didn't snow today.

and I saythesethingsinthenameof...

CSI las vegas.

Cele said...

I want to know who thinks Caruso is hot? That is just sooooo wrong.

You can tell I'm getting...er...on

Bradley Whitford is hot. Gosh I think I need some of your nyquil.

Sideon said...

I like SML. I like her blog. Her brother's groovey, too.

Hawt men. **pondering** The tattoo dude from the Mummy (and I'm being way too lazy to jump to Montchan's site and find it) is hot Hot HOT. Antonio Banderas. Matthew McConaughey. The dude from X-files. (Did I mention that I'm horrible with names?)

Thank you for saying what I've thought about Caruso, too - I just don't get it. He's as attractive as roadkill.

Amen to naughty movies. *grin*

montchan said...

Sid, do you know that you are my future ex-husband? You and Scott both.

hmmm... maybe I should dress up as David Caruso for Halloween... That would be truly scary.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Molly, thanks for sharing your likes with us.

Eric, I love your singing voice!

Cele, I'm still in that cold mode for a while....thank God for a warm man in the winter!

La, I usually try to bring up my mood when I can see that I'm bringing others down with me in my pissiness.

Floating, I know we use Dish Network, and that's all I know. Digital satellite service...and yeah, that show was great.

Montchan, you made me laugh here with inthenameof...CSI. I love it! Don't forget to google Oded Fehr. Siiiiiiigh. Swoooooon.

Cele, shaking my head at the casting director who cast David Caruso in CSI Miami.

Sideon, I'm admitting here that I never found Antonio Banderas hot. Nor do I find Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise hot. But that guy on X-Files is HOT. Yep.

Montchan! Don't do it! Of course it'd be so easy...just dye your hair red and look down while you walk and talk with a low, dramatic monotone....but I like you too much. Just say no!