July 5, 2007

Song for Simeon

Oh where, oh where has our Simeon gone?
Oh where, oh where can he be?
With his blog cut short,
and absence so long,
Oh where, oh where can he be?

Listen, Sim. I've been asked by many different bloggers if I know where you are or what's happened to you or your blog. Since I don't know, could you please let me know so I can tell others if they ask? Do you still read my blog?

If you are unable to come back, know that we miss you and your wit and charm, and we miss your humor most of all.

Best wishes, my friend.


from the ashes said...

I miss Simeon too. I wondered if it had something to do with keeping his marriage intact.

wry catcher said...

Hey SML - nice song!

FTA: I was having a similar worry. If that is the case, which I hope not, I wish Simeon all the best, and hope for a good outcome for him.

Cheers, Simeon - your blog was one of the greats. I hope all is well for you.

Anonymous said...

This is my first ever comment after much lurking on my part. I love, love, love your blog and your superb writing skills SML (well & Sideon's & FTA's & CV Rick's & ...well u get the picture), but I had a special place in my heart for Simeon's blog as it was the first one I discovered when I decided that I was done with the LDS church once and for all. So Simeon if you read this, know that you are missed and I hope you are doing well.


mark said...

I have been thinking the very same thing SML. I am afraid he has returned to the "dark side." The LDS will use any measure available to them to keep the flock in control. I am sure some devious LDS muckety-muck has made him an offer that he could not refuse. I often compare the LDS to the Nazis. The Nazis had their methods and the LDS took every play from their playbook. I fear he is now back in the LDS pack. I pray for him and his soul. He was (is) a super fabulous person and I miss him dearly. I hope someday he will be freed, again.

Kullervo said...

I miss Simeon, too.

paranoidfr33k said...

Simeon, if you are out there, please come back. We need you. Please come back to us...