July 20, 2007

Confirmed Idiot Sighting

I stopped at an intersection this morning on my way to work, and who should turn right in front of me but Dramaboy himself! On a little red SCOOTER, no less. HA! (Note to self: start keeping camera in car!)

I drove behind him for five blocks until he turned toward Albertsons.

I couldn't help laughing at what I missed in my first description of him: he has compensated for his thinning hair on top by growing the wispy hairs in back slightly longer, and he permed the ends. A sort of mini-mullet.

Had he known the joy I'd get out of his permed mullet flapping in the breeze, I'm certain he'd have never chosen that hairstyle.


Jer said...

You wouldn't expect someone of his profound mental capacity to understand how incredibly un-flattering that look is, would you? Just bite the bullet and shave it off!

Cele said...

Oh mi gawd red scooter is just too perfect an ending for this. Well unless he had a horn and one of those uuh uooogggggahhhh horns.

Janet M Kincaid said...

Ha! There IS a God!

One of the guys who works on my floor (but not in my office) has the most hideous toupee in red on top of his own long, curly-in-the-back gray hair. One of these days, I'm going to snap a picture, it's so bad.

Looking forward to your picture of my-penis-is-tiny-but-I-have-the-key (aka Dramaboy).