July 11, 2007

Dear Wry Catcher ~

You wrote, "Out with the prickly phallic cactus dilemma, in with a new post!"

That is RICH.

I would hate to cause you to say once again "Hellish limbo, thy name is Wry Catcher", (which made me laugh out loud when I read it, by the way) so I'll tell you that I've got at least three blog posts brewing in this brain of mine, just itchin' to be free. All in good time.

I shall do my best to write one of them tonight. Only because I think you rock.

With love,



wry catcher said...

Why thank you! I think you rock MORE!

And why, pray tell, is it RICH that I wrote that? You couldn't possibly be referring to my own lack of blogging regularity (there should be a laxative for this), would you? Hmm.

Where did I say the hellish limbo thing? It sounds like something I would say, but I can't remember whence.

This is my moment of fame, ya know - it probably is MY 15 MINUTES! Thanks for making me a SUPAHSTAH!

wry catcher said...

Woo Hoo!! I'm so high on my own FAME and its heady rush of instant resulting GLORY, I have to comment twice.

I'm riding the fame train, things are going to be Different for me, From Now On.

Thanks, SML, for changing my life.

I can't stop being all twitterpated by MYSELF, what with having my name in lights on Only The Most Fabulous Blog in Outerblogness Land.


Whew. Head rush.

wry catcher said...

Being a star has been a wild ride, but now I'm going to have to check myself into a hospital for "exhaustion."

What a strange trip it's been. I wouldn't change a thing, but now I think I'll move to France, eschew all press and paparazzi, and espouse strange beliefs.

Thanks to all my fans, and to all the little people.

At least I can say I never flashed a coochie shot to the photographers as I stumbled drunkenly out of an overpriced night club in the wee hours. I will always be proud of that.

Good night to all and to all a good night.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

And thus we see EXACTLY why SML loves Wry Catcher.

You are hilarious, my friend. Damn hilarious.

Gluby said...

WHAT? Well, that explains why I couldn't find any coochie shots of you on the internet. Not that I was looking or anything...

Bishop Rick said...

Dang, my searches have been in vain as well. I used to hold out a glimmer of hope, but even that is now dashed.

Let's see...google.com/images...sml

Foiled again.

Sideon said...

**doing the Wry is a SUPAHSTAH! dance**

I'm not adverse to coochie shots - mostly inexperienced and focused on the pricks (being one, showing one, or looking for one).

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Gluby, What are you thinking?? Does LB approve of your searching out coochie shots?

BR, you made me laugh out loud, and forget what I was going to say to Gluby!

Sideon, you need to film that dance and share it on your blog! Yeah!

Cele said...

You guys are just the right thing at the end of the day. I'm looking forward to more Lisa, you always crack me up.

Plus you always compell the peanut gallery to new heights.

Lemon Blossom said...

HA!! I so needed a good laugh.

Wry, you are so going to be famous foreveh! (so that means you still have a chance at the coochie shot - Gluby you had better stop looking for it! *shaking a stern finger in your direction)