July 23, 2007

Just for Today

I'm eating tapas in Barcelona, drinking in the beauty and flavor that is Spain.

Just for today, I'm walking deep in the forests of Oregon, waiting for a bird to fly over and speak to my soul.

I'm hiking in der Schweiz, nibbling my favorite Erdbeerrahm Schokolade, speculating how one can be so fabulously awesome and not have a clue that she is.

I'm walking the backroads of Tuscany in the sun, taking photos of places tourists never see.

Just for today, I'm smoking my first weed, laughing at life and loving it too.

I'm in Washington D.C., eating the best red velvet cake I've ever tasted on beautiful new Fiesta Ware.

I'm in California, relishing Thai food and talking about the color of dreams.

Just for today, I'm bold enough to get a henna tattoo painted all over my body, celebrating the beauty that is womanhood.

I'm on a quest to visit the art studio of Jeremy Lipking because he's simply awesome.

I'm on a ferry boat near Seattle, smelling the water and feeling the mist, loving the islands that surround me.

Just for today, I'm rolling down I-75 on the back of a Deuce, loving the mountains I've never seen up close.

I'm standing on the shores of a lake in Minnesota, remembering my childhood with fondness and pain.

I'm sitting in Olive Garden, eating naughty sticks and naughty sauce like they're going out of style.

I'm enjoying the view of the ocean off the Oregon coast and discussing poetry with one who has lived, loved, and lost.

I'm playing a board game, and winning, of course.

Just for today, I'm in Boston, discussing Buddhism and literature with America's greatest literary critic.

I'm in the desert in Nevada, looking at a uselessly huge collection of coats. And laughing hysterically.

I'm in California, eating two bowls of Sugar Smacks in a very important scientific experiment of epic proportions.

Just for today, I'm in England, admiring the beautiful art that quilting is, wishing I had the patience for sewing because I have some designs in mind.

I'm telling jokes with a friend in Georgia, and laughing about how seriously I take myself where feminism is concerned.

Just for today, I'm enjoying my senility from the patio of a Spanish hacienda with three other fabulously senile women.

I'm in Bordeaux, laughing about zizis and whale bits with total irreverence.

I'm loving watching the people at the parties I attend, having fun and enjoying life to the fullest.

I'm embarrassing myself by sending an email to the wrong recipient yet enjoying the unexpected teasing that comes with such a mistake.

I'm laughing at the humor only elephants can bring.

Just for today, I'm catching and releasing squirrels in New England, dying to ask how it's possible to be such a world-traveler in times like these.

I'm pole dancing in heels and loving every minute of it.

I'm walking the streets of Glasgow, marveling at the beautiful countryside beyond the quaint buildings I can see.

I'm eating lunch with my friends, in the darkened back room of an Italian restaurant.

Just for today, I am completely surrounded by hockey players, skating fast and loving the thrill of the game.

I'm on a business trip in New York, relishing the noise and the people and the excitement in the air.

I'm in the heart of Miami, amazed at the culture that's so different from my home, and loving the humor that such culture can produce.

I'm trying Texmex with the Texmos ~ where they really know how to grow 'em.

Just for today, I am laughing at the 900 year old man in his office.

I am hiding in the toothpaste aisle, waiting for my ex to leave the store without noticing me.

Just for today. . .

Just for today. . . I am free.


Bishop Rick said...

Very interesting post.

hm-uk said...

Lovely post. It sounds like you might enjoy a change of scenery every once in a while...

aka madre said...

You have my heart, sweetheart! Let's go! Wonderful post...I saw it all.

aka madre

Janet M Kincaid said...

Wow! As luck would have it, there will be red velvet cake on Fiesta Ware in Washington, D.C., this weekend. Come on by on your whirlwind tour. When we've sated ourselves on cake, I'll carry your bags.

Just for today...

CV Rick said...

Excellent!!! Bravo!!!

Emotional, poetic, well ordered verse. I've read it three times now. I think I'll visit again tonight.

paranoidfr33k said...

--- I'm in California, eating two bowls of Sugar Smacks in a very important scientific experiment of epic proportions.

I'll be there next week so I'll assist in the experiment.

Sounds like you have many aspirations and plans. Here's to dreams... and one more toast to fulfilling those dreams.


Cele said...

Fabulous post. The images are vivid, the freedom is thrilling, the emotions and experiences palpable.

Sideon said...

You have beautiful friends and you are loved.

JulieOShields said...

I am impressed again by your writting skills. Like AKA Madre said, I was there with you, either rememberig similar events or imagining them. Great work! I love reading your posts

JulieAnn Henneman said...

I stand all amazed...seriously. That post was delicious. I am going to savor it again when I need to escape my mind. was it a poem or just a post? Because it seemed like both.

Genilimaa said...

Wonderful writing, SML. A world tour on hummingbird wings.

And who else other than you would write "enjoying my senility"?! I'm smiling and looking forward to the day, assuming I'll be there too.

Gluby said...

Hey! I don't know much about poultry, but I can appreciate a vurse here and there. And someone in California is savoring the crisp air of Montana, tentatively holding a bottle of fish sauce, and kicking a Texan in honor of the Alamo.

f said...

Thanks for the tribute. Lovely.

You are surrounded by friends here.

Taiko Tari said...

Sister Mary Lisa, I'm going to nag you like I nagged c-Gen. You have GOT to be in Paris in November.
Don't you think we need to practice for the hacienda plan?

celerman said...

Best post I've read for ages - beautiful. Good luck

Just one of many said...

Just for today...I am stuck in George W. Bush country! Love your words and your heart!

Jazzy said...

Nice!! I wish I was there now!!!!! Miss you!

wry catcher said...

Such a great post - it is very evocative. I know the feelings, but have never expressed them so well.

You can hike with me anytime, baby. And also? I just had red velvet cake on fiesta ware, and it was AWESOME.

Heart you.