July 4, 2007

As overheard tonight

Dartman, to our 9 year old: Hey, don't freak out when you see mom's boulder holders hanging in the bathtub tomorrow.

S: Boulder holders??

Dartman: Yeah, you know, OVER-THE-SHOULDER-BOULDER-HOLDERS. Her bras.

S: Eeeeeeeeew! That's just GROSS!


JulieAnn said...

Hey SML,
better that than what my kids call my bras: poaching cups.

Ah, "nothing like teenagers to help you ease into your mid-life body." (Do I have to quote and give credit and reference the book when I actually WROTE the book from which the quote was extracted? LoL)

Cele said...

poaching cups, to funny. I was blessed with all girls.

Sideon said...


Okay, sorry, but I can't help it!


Gawd, I'm so immature.

Bishop Rick said...

I'm more interested in knowing why it would be a surprise to see them hanging there. That's all I'm gonna say.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

JulieAnn, POACHING CUPS??? That made me laugh out loud!

Cele, so that must mean that bras all over is not unusual around your place, huh?

Sideon, if you're immature for laughing about it when I write it, what am I for actually writing about it?? And you should've heard me laughing the night I overheard their conversation!

BR, if you're implying I don't wash my bras often enough, you're mistaken. Usually, however, they hang outside in the covered patio area, and this time they didn't dry enough in time to bring them in at bedtime, and they were still dripping so I didn't want them in my bedroom...but you did make me laugh with your question.

Bishop Rick said...

Wasn't implying lack of cleanliness, at least not the type of cleanliness that involves washing bras...but then again.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

BR, I heard somewhere that cleanliness is next to godliness or something like that.

Maybe I'm almost a goddess. Who knows?