July 2, 2007

Main Street Plaza

I posted a new creative writing piece titled Dear Mr. Church over on Main Street Plaza...

Check it out.


donangelo said...

hello sister mary lisa,

you are truly my sister in the biblical Jesus Christ,because you have finally awaken to see the truth about what the mormon cult really is.because I must admitt I was shocked also when I found out that the mormon cult was evil and all about hurting people and trying to ruin people lives.now I understand why when lds missionaries go to people door trying to sell people lies about the false prophet joseph smith they are quickly rejcted by the locals.because the truth is sml I could have been had several girl friends and probably even been married by now.but I was also brain washed to a certain degree.but I always knew that joseph smith was a false prophet deep down in my mind and soul.because I passed up past relationships with women because I thought for sure that I was going to marry my mormon girl friend.but after that evil mormon bishop did what he did it was pretty much all over.and the sick thing about this former mormon bishop who is now stake president he knew just how much I loved his step daughter but he did not care.all he cared about was his evil lustful desires.and it once again shows just how corrupted the whole mormon cult is because they rewarded this evil bishop for his bad behavior when they should have punished him.

paranoidfr33k said...


I enjoyed the post. It made me think about how I can value my wife more and help her to feel as though she is of true worth to me. I think do a pretty good job in that area, but I have a completely different viewpoint on it. I'm sure she might see it differently and I'm probably not doing enough.

Thanks for helping me realize that I can do more for my wife, as the church is not helping.


Bishop Rick said...


Just went to Mormon Curtain and what did I see? The latest entry is your blog post on the 3 degrees of heaven.

You are becoming such the celebrity.

Bishop Rick said...

Good grief. Now your being quoted in Nom's FLAK signature.

I don't even know you any more.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

BR, you crack me up. I'm sure I'm no celebrity. And you do too know me.

Paranoidfr33k, it's always a good thing to treat one's wife the way she should be treated, or to be more conscious of how you are treating her. Same goes with wives' treatment of husbands.

mark said...

Hey SML, I wonder if you can get a refund for all of the hard earned dollars that you sent to The Big House in SLC? Im sure President Stinkley will personally write you a refund check. In fact Im sure your check is in the mail right now.
ps That was a nice piece that you wrote.

dartman113 said...

I know I've got a lot of work to do in the area of valuing your spouse. The analogy really hits the nail on the head about how a spouse should be treated. I've always known this but not always deliver.
Love always :)