July 17, 2007

BON JOVI TICKETS FOR SALE!!! If you call right now, we'll throw in a Personalized Blog Post for FREE!!!

My SIL has two Bon Jovi tickets for the concert this Friday evening in Cheyenne, WY. $75 each - actual cost. I believe the concert starts at 8:00 p.m. (My nephew's roommate and his girlfriend discovered they can't go at the last minute, and he's not paying for the tix.)

If any of you are interested in buying them from her and gifting yourself a blast from the past to see Bon Jovi, email me immediately at sistermarylisa@gmail.com. Paypal is available through my husband's account, if credit card payment is preferred.

No, I won't be there. Why the hell do Americans not get months of vacation like the Europeans do???

It's just not right.


Janet M Kincaid said...

Some of us do. We just aren't encouraged to take it in increments that would make any kind of difference. I have four weeks, but my boss wants me to take time off in dribs and drabs spread out across the year. Sort of defeats the purpose.

The Sacred Sister said...

LMAO! Only you would sell Bon Jovi tickets on your blog... Sheesh, I guess someone has a huge following (sounds cultish if you ask me!). I bet you're bigger than eBay, anyway. ;)

Cele said...

I get three weeks by like JM I can only take a week at a time...unless I am leaving the country.

CV Rick said...

Bon Jovi? Wyoming?

Okay, the kicker is that there is payment being given for this combination of horrors.

The chances of getting me in Wyoming and seeing a former Big-hair eighties band at the same time are less remote than me getting caught in a three-way with Paris Hilton and Britney Spears and then being washed down by the county jail lice hose for two hours (because those two together have more contagions than the CDC). Yuck . . . blech . . . phoooey!

A personalized blog post, you say?

Sideon said...

Wanted... Dead or Alive.

You Give Love a Bad Name.

Bed of Roses.

I loves me some big-hair 80's bands.

-Domokun- said...

I get five weeks a year of vacation time.

But I'm not into Bon Jovi, sorry.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Oy. I'm trying like hell not to be jealous of your awesome vacation time, people!

And Rick, you made me laugh about the "combination of horrors" Bon Jovi and Wyoming represent to you. Funny.

Melliferous Pants said...

I would like more vacation AND universal healthcare, please.