December 28, 2007

Updates and stuff

Christmas came and went, with the usual fun times watching the kids and their joy at opening their (many) gifts. Time spent with family was per tradition...good food, lots of gifts, games played, laughter.

I had to return to work the day after Christmas, and have been attempting to cram 40 hours worth of work into three days. It's been fun, let me tell ya. Not sure if we are taking off next week Monday as well as Tuesday, but I may work Monday anyway just to make my life a bit easier. Year-end stuff is adding to my usual work which is always a joy. ( you like how I'm trying to convince myself here? Truth is, it kinda sucks but I'm avoiding saying that aloud. It helps).

I have been neglecting writing my own thoughts in my blog, but hope to write more often here as my only New Years resolution. I like it. What do you think? I generally avoid making resolutions at all for myself, recognizing that for me they are a futile endeavor anyway. If I see something that needs changing, I'm gonna just do it now, if it's that important to me. Or I'm gonna at least talk about doing it now...queen of procrastination that I am. Ha!

I wish you all a very good New Year and hope that you all find the happiness you deserve. This I wish for you above all else.


LG said...

I'm with you ... I don't generally make new year's resolutions, but I always look ahead to what I want in the next year. Guess I better get on that, 2008 is right around the corner.

hm-uk said...

Roll on 2008!

I hope you have a resolution to make it to this side of the pond again. Our Paris trip MADE 2007 for me!

Beat Dad said...

For the past few years I resolve not to resolve. I always keep my New Years resolutions.

Happy New Year SML!

Jazzy said...

I really missed being home for the holidays again this year. It doesn't really feel like Christmas without all of you.

I am keeping my resolutions from last year, although slightly modified this year. This year, I have a few hopes for the new year. I hope your new year is full of health and happiness!!