December 13, 2007

If I were free of all fear, I would...Guest Post #4

If I were free of fear I would see my vulnerability as strength. I could love my wife more fully without worrying if I will get anything in return. I could give compassion completely to anyone without wanting reciprocity . If I were free of fear I would tell that anonymous woman that I think she is beautiful, I could flirt, and not feel guilty. Free of fear I would not be worried about how I look when trying to ride a skateboard, a surf board, walking down the street. I could be homeless and eating out of dumpsters. I could talk to my LDS cousins without the nagging feeling that I am a total loser.

Free of fear I could leave the church I was brought up in, (did that) completely; I could write my thoughts and opinions and post them where total strangers could see them and comment on them. (hey......I do that did all of you. cheers! you fearless people)



LG said...

It's taken me a while, but I've realized that the strongest people are those who allow themselves to be vulnerable - like you did by posting this. You're strong in my book, Wayne.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Wayne ~

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on how you'd choose to be if you were free of all fear. I appreciate you being willing to do this with us here.

Good luck achieving the life you seek.

Cele said...

Excellent post, this whole line is very freeing.

Sideon said...

Great great post.

SML - you've created a remarkable series.