December 18, 2007

Been busy...

I have been pretty busy lately, unable to take time to post on my blog. I still have a ton of memories to share from my trip to Paris...that will be coming soon. With pictures, even!

I've been enjoying all the thoughts on what you'd do if you were free of all fear! Thanks so much to those of you who shared your posts on your blogs and to those who posted here. I am impressed by your raw honesty and heartfelt introspection, and I feel lucky to associate with such wonderful people cyberly. (Is cyberly a word??)

I finally got my work Christmas cards out, addressed almost 200 of them by hand, as well as addressing around 50 gift certificates. Amazingly, I also got my own greeting cards filled out and now just need to mail them. Any overseas friends will get them after Christmas, sadly. But at least they will know I am thinking of them.

My ten-year old daughter made a gingerbread house at home a couple nights ago, it looks awesome! I'll get a photo of it and post it if I remember. She basically did it herself. So cute. Today I'll go to her school and make another one with her. I look forward to it. She's very creative and it's fun to watch her shine. She and I love to do artistic things together. When we are at the ceramics place, we both sit there focused intently on our art, and we hardly speak. Bliss! Other people watch us and probably wonder how we can be so boring and quiet...

I've got all my Christmas gift wrapping to do still, which I had planned to do this weekend but a horrible migraine prevented me from doing it. Oy, I hate headaches. Last night we had a music concert for my 14 year old son ~ my youngest and I laughed silently throughout the concert as we made faces at each other to the music! so fun ~ and tonight is a Christmas party for my husband's work, so I guess tomorrow I can hit the wrapping hot and heavy. We may have a birthday dinner for my 22 year old daughter Thursday night. Somewhere in there I will also be shopping a bit more.

I can do this, right?


Anonymous said...

SML, I just got my cards mailed out today, and I mailed A LOT fewer than you did.

I also wonder if I can do all this. I have baking, present making to finish, more ornaments to paint (it's our family tradition), and a little more shopping to do. Then Fig gets to build the Barbie dollhouse for our younger two and we get to wrap the rest! Woohoo!

Tis the season.

dartman113 said...

We are the little engines that can! and will

Love D

Cele said...

Oh gracious mother Mary you wore me out with this post, and you were the one doing the work.