December 19, 2007

If I were free from all fear, I would... Posts on Other Blogs (Updated)

A couple of online friends have been brave and posted their thoughts on this subject on their own blogs, and they are worth sharing here.

FtA at Emerging From the Ashes

Sillynut at He Gave Me My Eyes, That I Might See

Angie at Touch of the Phoenix

Cele at Oh Joy, It's Me

JulieAnn at Ravings of a Mad Woman

Sideon at Sideon's Sanctuary

Chandelle at Our Organic Life

If I missed any others, please email me so I can link to your blog. I am LOVING your thoughts and daring, my friends. Thanks for sharing.

**Edited to type Chandelle's name correctly. I seriously thought I DID type it the right way with a D, and hadn't. *blushing* How embarrassing!**


(chandelle) said...

hey SML, thanks for the link! just to let you know, my name is spelled with a D instead of a T. :D

JulieAnn Henneman said...

I did it...come n' see. :)

Angie ~ Phoenix Touch said...

Wow... JulieAnn is a good friend. I read her page regularly like most of her fans. :) I swear, though, you must have JUST changed your avatar pic because, by god, that is THE sexiest nun picture I have ever seen!!!! Good on ya, girl!!!
Oh... and, thank you for the reminder of living life wihtout fear... or, rather, living life in the face of fear.
With love,

f said...

Hey, I think I'll post mine on my blog tomorrow (Wed).