December 1, 2006

What in the WORLD?!

I was on the Google search page and entered sistermarylisa. Usually I click on the top/first link to get to my blog. (I obviously don't want my blog as my home page on my work computer). Today, I answered my phone and got distracted while talking, and I ended up scrolling down the page. When I got off the phone my eyes fell on what my cursor was hovering over.

I saw my link on a website called That's News that I'd never heard of before. I have no idea how or why my blog got put on this list (found at the bottom of the page.)

Check it out, and tell me what in the heck it means, please...I am startled and wonder why this occurred. I was put into the category "News and other important links." There is a longish list of 45 news websites in the UK and other news sites from other countries, like the Irish Post, Irish Times, Washington Post, The International Herald, etc..and then at the bottom, (an artist with paintings to sell.)

What in the world?!

The header at the top says "We search the web for news and cool content, so all you have to do is to bookmark this page! Please provide backlinks to Thats News. Thank you!"

Does this mean that someone thinks I've got "COOL CONTENT" or what? I'm flattered. I really am. Not quite sure why they think I've got paintings to sell, unless they saw one or both of my posts that show 3 drawings I've done and think they are good enough to be considered paintings. Or maybe they saw this drawing I did with colored pencil back when I was 18. I do paint as well, but have nothing really available "for sale" (yet).

So...Thank you, my Anonymous Champion. Feel free to let me know who you are and why you put me out there on That's News.

I figured out the mystery all on my own! Some of the page layout in That's News looked familiar. It's from Matt at NOTAMORMON, who runs his own news portal at I think this was due to some shameless self promotion I forgot I made a long time ago on his blog. I had forgotten that he'd written about his other interests and work.

Thanks, Matt!


Freckle Face Girl said...

Selling paintings & pictures sounds like it would be better than other types of work. Quit & Enjoy!

Genilimaa said...

Cool content spells S-M-L!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Hey that's GREAT! Congrats.

Cele said...

See what are friends for?

Janet M. Kincaid said...

Like the song says... "How bizarrrrrrrre..." Glad you figured it out.

This can't be an entirely bad thing, right?

Maybe this will get your art out there and people will begin banging down your door to commission work from you...

It could happen, you know.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Well, Janet, I'm not so sure about that, but it may help if I ever figure out how to place a link in my sidebar that says "My Art" or something so they can click on it to see it. I'm not so computer savvy, however.

Bishop Rick said...


Just create a post called My Art with all your artwork, then add it to your the Top.

I'm sure there are smarter ways, but that will work.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Thanks, BR. I'll have to play with it and see if it works.

Thatsnews said...

Yes. It was me!