December 16, 2006

My son rips all his tags out...they itch.

I've been tagged once again, this time by the awesome Sofi of Miami. Thanks, Sofi, and I will someday try to return the favor!


A- Available or single? Neither
B- Best Friend? My Sisters and SILs
C- Cake or Pie? Pie. RASPBERRY pie. Because of the (horribly stinky) memories.
D- Drink of Choice? Pop: Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi. Alcoholic: Kahlua & Cream
E- Essential Item? Shampoo
F- Favorite Color? Green
G- Gummi Bears or Worms? Neither.
H- Hometown? Someplace in Montana (if I told you I'd have to kill you, or rather, Mr. SML would think that 10 of you would be coming after me within 10 minutes of reading where I live)
I- Indulgence? Art Magazines bought full price (gasp) from the book store.
J- January or February? February. January is too busy with year-end crap at work.
K- Kids and names? 3 kids, named A, J, and S.
L- Life is incomplete without? Art. Laughter. Love.
M- Marriage Date? The Day That Will Live in Infamy. 13 years ago November.
N- Number of Siblings? 4 brothers, 3 sisters.
O- Oranges or apples? Oranges. Love their juicy goodness.
P- Phobias/Fears? Swimming in deep water, fear of failure
Q- Favorite Quote? "If you have to Google quotes just to find one, you don't have a favorite quote." by SML
R- Reason to Smile? My drawings are done, so that means I can begin the other two or three I have in the works! My kids are reason too.
S- Season? Spring. Duh.
T- Tag three people! I feel guilty about tagging already this week. I shall tag three more anyway: Just One of Many, Arizona Expositor, and Molly the Mormon.
U- Unknown Fact About Me? I take photos of strangers when I'm on vacation, with the thought that someday I may paint them.
V- Vegetable you hate? Pickled Beets. They taste like actual DIRT. Don't ask me how I know what dirt tastes like.
W- Worst habit? Procrastination.
X- X-Rays you've had? Um, ribs.
Y- Your favorite food? Steak and potatoes.
Z- Zodiac? Taurus


Cele said...

I always thought beets were what your parents fed you when they were pissed. Pickled is just a disguise.

Jazzy said...

I have tried to push the taste of beets out of my memory!

Anonymous said...

I should have listed more essentials - shampoo is definitely one I would have listed!

"Art. Laughter. Love." - Awesome.


Molly The Mormon said...

Although I don't condone this blog or any other anti-LDS blog, I will graciously list my ABCs in the hopes that I can somehow sway my poor lost Sister, Mary Lisa, to attend church one more time. I am posting them here to avoid sending my faithful readers to a hostile environment:

A- Available or single? Neither – unless you are Joseph Smith
B- Best Friend? My husband Peter
C- Cake or Pie? РBanana Cr̬me Pie
D- Drink of Choice? Homemade Sarsaparilla
E- Essential Item? Book of Mormon
F- Favorite Color? Chartreuse
G- Gummi Bears or Worms? Worms of course.
H- Hometown? Provo, UT
I- Indulgence? Chocolate Chip Cookies, Jell-o, Sarsaparilla
J- January or February? January – because it is the start of a new year of worship and that never-ending journey towards eternal exaltation.
K- Kids and names? 7 ½ kids, named Joseph, Hyrum, Heber, Emma, Jared, Nephi, Alma, undecided.
L- Life is incomplete without? The knowledge of the one true church of Joseph Smith
M- Marriage Date? April 6, 1998 – that is also my birthday.
N- Number of Siblings? 6 brothers, 1 sister.
O- Oranges or apples? Bananas
P- Phobias/Fears? The fear that I forgot to pay my tithing or properly prepare my lesson.
Q- Favorite Quote? There is a law, irrevocably decreed, before the foundation of the world, and for time and all eternity. – Joseph Smith
R- Reason to Smile? Thinking of my eternal life as one of Joseph Smith’s heavenly brides.
S- Season? Fall – The Harvest – Thrust in your sickle
T- Tag three people! Hyrum the youngster, Doc Loco, Anonymous
U- Unknown Fact About Me? I once drank some coke by accident (thought it was root beer) – I immediately repented to my bishop.
V- Vegetable you hate? I love all vegetables.
W- Worst habit? Forgetting to take my Book of Mormon, when I use the powder room.
X- X-Rays you've had? None – I am in perfect health thanks to the word of wisdom.
Y- Your favorite food? The scriptures
Z- Zodiac? Celestial

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Molly, I'm pretty certain I won't be persuaded to attend church one more time, unless I have a friend or loved one who needs me there for some reason other than "for my eternal salvation."

I share your love for bananas, interestingly. Do you by chance have a good recipe for banana creme pie I could have?

And I wonder if you had considered Ammon as a name for your baby. Just a thought.

Thanks for stopping by! If you need a portrait drawn of all 8 kids someday, please don't hesitate to let me know! :)

Hyrum Youngster said...

I was directed here by a friend who works with FAIR fact-checking the internet -- you know, checking websites for the presence of materials unfriendly to the Gospel and refuting them with the aid of the Spirit.

He noticed I had been mentioned here, so I came to clear my name and support Sister Molly in proclaiming the Gospel among those in need. A sister missionary should never be alone in visiting non-members.

A- Available or single? Awaiting the restoration of spiritual wifery, when I will work on following Father Brigham's example
B- Best Friend? it's so hard to decide between the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ
C- Cake or Pie? Lemon meringue pie -- nothing can beat a nice slice of luscious, inviting lemony pie
D- Drink of Choice? Water
E- Essential Item? It's a tossup between an extra Book of Mormon in Spanish -- there are a lot of Mexican illegal aliens here who only speak Mexican -- and my Palm Pilot
F- Favorite Color? Dark blue
G- Gummi Bears or Worms? Soft candy is for women and children, but hard candy keeps better in my tray at my ward office
H- Hometown? Caldwell, Idaho
I- Indulgence? A good BYU football game -- Lucinda makes sure the children are extra quiet and behaved during them
J- January or February? February -- it's warmer and Lucinda's rheumatoid arthritis isn't so bad
K- Kids and names? We have been blessed with nine (seven strapping, manly boys and two sweet-spirited girls) and counting, and plan to keep on multiplying and replenishing the earth! We started with naming them in pairs, but found after the first six that we have too many namesakes we admire to keep to that:

1st: Hyrum Joseph Young (or Hyrum Junior the elder for short)
2nd: Hyrum Smith Young (Hyrum Junior the younger)
3rd: Emma Lucy Young (she is so cute -- she already rebukes people who deny the Gospel and can recite nine of the Articles of Faith, and the 13th is her favorite!)
4th: Emma Sarah Young
5th: George Hyrum Young
6th: George Walker Young (and he is so cute, so firm and strong like the president, not like that pinko commie immoral sex addict Clinton! I wish you could hear him bear his testimony in church!)
6th: William Hickman Young
7th: Ronald Reagan Young (and he was born Feb. 6, President Reagan's own birthday!)
8th: Porter Rockwell Young
9th: Ezra Taft Young (just born)

That's all of my seed!

L- Life is incomplete without? Amen Molly! The Restored Gospel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! Praise to Joseph!
M- Marriage Date? March 16, 1996.
N- Number of Siblings? 10 still alive -- 6 brothers, 6 sisters (2 youngest sisters died from birth complications)
O- Oranges or apples? Lemon -- I love it in a nice glass of water
P- Phobias/Fears? That my children will not go on missions, will marry nonmembers, or will be converted to gay/atheist/liberal by God-hating college professors
Q- Favorite Quote? "When our leaders speak, the thinking has been done." Improvement Era 1945 ward teaching message, can't remember the month
R- Reason to Smile? That we have a prophet to guide us in these latter days, and that our country is in the hands of a president with real morals (though the congress is obviously under the influence of liberal communists)
S- Season? Spring -- Lucinda is usually sufficiently recovered from the last childbirth to begin working on the next, and keeps the house much cleaner and my suits and clothing consistently ironed.
T- Tag three people! I think this whole tagging thing distracts from callings the missionary work. Shouldn't you be proclaiming the gospel or in the temple?
U- Unknown Fact About Me? I love to collect Book of Mormon action figures and use them to play a game with my boys where the Nephites fight off Lamanites from the cowboys-and-indians toy baggies. I love to play the Lamanites and have them threaten to cut out the tongues from little Nephite babies like their little brothers, and to take away their mother. It really gets the boys worked up and excited, and makes a great teaching moment!
V- Vegetable you hate? Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, garlic, well, really most vegetables. Vegetables are for women, children and rabbits. I like meat.
W- Worst habit? Sometimes I get so into my daily scripture study that I'm up late into the night, sometimes even past 10pm.
X- X-Rays you've had? Two. Right leg, from breaking it playing football with my brothers, and right arm, from fracturing it during a cowtipping accident.
Y- Your favorite food? It's a tie between peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and steak and potatoes.
Z- Zodiac? I'm not into Satan worship, and I call upon Zodiac worshippers to get thee behind me.

Molly The Mormon said...

Oh Hyrum,

Your ABCs really stirred the spirit within my bosum.


Molly the Mormon

Anonymous said...

I really hope that the Molly The Mormon and Hyrum accounts are a joke...