December 7, 2006

Genilimaa is hilarious!

Or should I say "Senilimaa"?

Hats off to my friend from Sweden, Genilimaa. She wrote a brilliant post this week, one that's worth checking out. She often includes gimps, or great illustrations of her writing. Her English is better than mine. I really appreciate her sense of humor.

And yes, we plan to marry as soon as we can legally find a way.


Sideon said...

Thank you, SML - you've introduced me to some incredible blogs, such as Genilimaa (who rocks) and Montchan (who I want to marry, even though I already have a partner).

Genilimaa said...

Sweet, sweet Lisa!

montchan said...

Ya! This is what happens when I go away for a week!

You people have no shame. No shame at all.