December 2, 2006

Get On It!

I got up early so I could blog without censure and also so I could get back to working on drawing all day on the portrait due (framed) before Christmas.

Here's a painting I did in the last year (one of my first oil paintings that I did straight from my own imagination). For me this is huge, because I'm usually not comfortable with creating art that doesn't have a reference photo. The painting is rather large, and it hangs in my bedroom amidst a bunch of other art, either finished and drying the required 6 months before varnishing, or not finished and waiting for me to remember them.

Modern Dancer 24" x 30" Oil on Canvas


Liseysmom said...

Wow!! I love that painting!! I'm so artistically retarded myself that I have no choice but to truly appreciate those among us who have talent.

Cele said...

Wow, I love it

Janet M. Kincaid said...

Wow! You're so versatile, Lisa. What an amazing piece. I'm in awe. Again.

Genilimaa said...

I'm...amazed!! Stunned!
It's an incredibly complex motif.
Is she running away in fear or in relief?
Or is it a snap shot of a dance, because of the dress? Is the halterneck significant (no, NOT fashion-wise, I mean metaphorically!)? Bare back = vulnerable?
Or is it a dream about flying/fleeing?

(This is such a treat, having the opportunity to ask the artist about her intentions! I'm so excited!)

OK, I'll stop guessing and let you get a word in. What does the motif mean to you? Please tell, 'cause this one will tell us about you!

Oh, oh, before I stop: the tilting of the head is my favourite part. It's very hopeful!

Jazzy said...


You know this is one of my favorite paintings that you have done.

I get a Christmas break from school and hope to finish my painting that I started weeks ago.

C.L. Hanson said...

Wow, gorgeous!!!!

Sideon said...

We so need to talk about a request - offline :)

shutupihateyoumore said...

Even though you apparently hate our blog, I love this painting. It's really beautiful, and you're clearly very talented. Congratulations on being able to produce such lovely pieces of art!

Anonymous said...

That is an incredible painting. You are truly talented. Can't wait to see the portrait you are working on.

Dayngr said...

That is amazing! I love it.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Thanks for the compliments, everyone!

In answer to Genilimaa:

I drew a charcoal sketch of a woman dancing from my imagination. (I've been drawing the figure since I was little...I'd sketch pages of noses, then pages of lips, then pages of eyes while in school.) I decided to try to paint the sketch, and this is what I did. I called it "Modern Dancer." I was just playing with oil paints to see what they are like. I've only used oils a handful of times.

Taiko Tari said...

Beautiful painting, just like the other ones.

When you look back at your paintings that were done in oil paints and those which you drew with pencils, do you get different energy from different media?
From the eyes of an observer (real-life), I prefer pencil because it's a little more mellow, whereas oil paint usually is very powerful, and looking at it can be draining.
I'm curious, which do you prefer, as a creator?

Paul said...

Beautiful! I love it!

Holly said...

I followed the links from your homepage.... this is wonderful. I'd keep this in my room too.