December 18, 2006

Hey, Molly!

Check out the comments section of my post a couple days ago where I tagged Molly the Mormon to give us her ABCs too. She actually did it in the comments of that post (two posts ago)! I'm so excited.

You'll want to check out her great answers. It's like an early Christmas present. And it looks like she tagged Hyrum Youngster to come out of the woodwork to join her!!!

Should I be worried by how much excitement it gives me to have Molly and Hyrum comment on my blog? I can't deny it. I'm loving it.

Happy Monday, everyone!


Freckle Face Girl said...

What a funny blog... :)

Sideon said...

It's not a secret (not like the Mormon temple handshake thingee): I love Love LOVE Molly the Mormon.

Hyrum is fast becoming another favorite as well, though the love is brotherly.

Of course, my day is not complete without a visit to SML's blog. It would be like missing a cup of coffee in the morning, and THOSE days are not pretty.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad no one tags me.

Bishop Rick said...

Um, anonymous, I think you WERE tagged by Molly.