December 6, 2006

Craptastically Busy

20 days until Christmas. I'm too busy this week to even care! A few things taking all my time at work and beyond:

Payment Applications need to be delivered to our clients by the 10th generally. When the 10th falls on a Sunday, I've lost some serious days. I always cut off receiving invoices in the mail on the 5th, and this really crunches things for me this week. I am SWAMPED. I will be working through lunch and late into the night every night until I'm finally done. Friday should be much better, since they better be ready for my boss to deliver by Friday morning.

Payables. In the construction industry, many lumber and hardware companies have invoices due by the 10th. The mail has been pouring in, since we have a lot of big jobs going right now. This causes me to have to process and pay payables, cutting way into my payment application process.

Drawing. I'm plugging away, and it's gonna be good, I think/hope. Unless some tragedy occurs, like my house starting on fire. Or a roof leak directly above the drawing where it waits for me. Or I lose my hand or eyesight. These are valid concerns ~ don't laugh. I plan to be done with it this weekend so I can deliver it to them on Monday. The extra money will be nice.

Putting up the decorations and tree tonight. This could be tricky, as I'm thinking I really need to be doing payment application stuff (bring home stuff) during that time. The family WILL NOT understand, so I won't do it. Tomorrow will suck!

Birthday party for my youngest on Saturday. This will only be a couple hours at a ceramic studio where they can have the entire party and paint the Christmas snowman mug she picked out. Fun times...I will have to not worry about drawing and enjoy myself.

If you are wondering why I'm taking time away from work to post this...just shut up. It only took me 3 minutes to type. Typing is what I do.


Sideon said...

I'm not quite to freak-out mode yet. Yet. I bought a few things already, but for the most part I have a major shopping spree that's due.

Scott was a in a minor (he's totally fine) fender-bender yesterday (not his fault). The deductible may hurt.

This time of year feels compressed - way too much to do with little time to do it.

Yeah, I'm typing instead of working on my project. Bah.

Pete Dunn said...

Why would work be a priority over posting on blogs?

Janet M. Kincaid said...

Wow! And all that without a single typo or grammar gaffe. When I grow up, I want to type as well, quickly, and precisely as you do!

Good luck with all the Christmas and work stuff. We're going pretty low key this year. I just finished decorating last night and it ain't half bad. It at least gives the illusion of some holiday cheer around these parts. (And how pathetic and whiny did that sound? Sheesh.)

Anonymous said...

You can do it Superwoman! Have fun at the party!! Post pics!

Jazzy said...

Welcome to my world L.! It is nice to have you along for the roller coaster ride that I like to call my life! You just described a day in my life, except that my work is a little different than yours.

Take it one thing at a time! Everything will get done!

Sideon said...

New favorite word:


Sister Mary Lisa said...

Sideon, I haven't even made a list OR checked it twice yet! I'm screwed.

Pete, I KNOW!

Janet, I found one grammatical error. Can you find it?

JOOM, I'm not sure that I'll post pics. We'll see. My daughter wants me painting a ceramic item with them, so I may be too busy to take any photos.

Jazzy, thanks, I know it'll get done. I may still bitch about it along the way.

Cele said...

You think this is fast? Just wait till you're my age. I swear we just took the tree down two weeks ago. well it was really in Feburary, but wasn't that last month?

Bishop Rick said...

Well I see a dangling participle in the second paragraph, last sentence. You intend for "they" to refer to the invoices but it actually refers to "Friday".

Is that it? I gave up looking after I found that one.

Smack me later.

Anonymous said...

Oh SML, you are singing my song at the moment. One thing at a time (which I'm sure that's what you're doing already).

Good luck for the year end closing!

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Yeah, my grammatical error was: "Friday should be much better, since they better be ready for my boss to deliver by Friday morning."

I should have written "since they HAD better be ready..." I don't remember what dangling participle means, but I love it!

Can I smack you anyway, Bishop? Sounds like fun.

Anonymous said...

Every time I hear of dangling participles I have the sudden urge to check my zipper.

I am a "grammar Nazi" too, like SML, although she probably didn't correct her girlfriends' love letters and return them graded (only did it once, and payment for it came due immediately). But I can't actually explain it. I consider myself lucky to be able to articulate the difference between an adjective and an adverb. But a participle? No way. No idea what that thing is.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Gluby, my kids and husband HATE IT when I correct their horrible Montana grammar. Seriously. I've toned it way down over the years. I hope.

If we need you to check your zipper, we'll use XYZ PDQ.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I've always felt bashful about hanging out for all to see.