December 12, 2006

Tagged Once Again

I've been tagged once again (by Janet) to give you SIX weird things about me.

You don't really want to know six weird things about me, do you? Really?? OK. I'll try to think up some good ones. I can hear those people who know me in person thinking how easy this should be for someone like me.....

1. I think the word "weird" is funky. Curiously it doesn't follow the I-Before-E-Except-After-C rule. I think this every single time I write it out. This in itself is weird.

2. I love watching shows on nature channels about sea life, yet I would be highly uncomfortable swimming in the ocean in water deeper than my shoulders. I say would be because I've never dared try it.

3. I absolutely LOVE the smell of lemon-scented dishwasher soap in powder form. Sometimes when the package is brand new, and I take the sticker off of the spout and open it, a big puff of the stuff comes out in a cloud, making my eyes and nose burn, and I love it. Mmmmm - mmmmmmmmm.

4. I think the big homes that are built around here are major overkill and I sometimes judge people for feeling the need to have such grand homes. But at the same time, I've got an image in my mind of my dream home, complete with art studio, and very expensive, unique fixtures and awesome stuff from around the world. I daydream of entertaining all of my friends in such a great and comfortably luxurious home.

5. I still think that the Halloween party my brother and I planned and executed when we were in high school was the most brilliant ever, even if nobody came. We dipped our fingers in hot wax to create molds to pour peach Jello into, and we had a tray of fingers as a snack. It was great fun, even if we were losers. I don't remember what else we did but it was good. Eric, help me out here, your memory is good whenever mine fails. (Just an FYI, my brother Eric is not aneweric Eric. I've been asked more than once recently...both their comments have "eric" as a name, obviously.)

6. Oh, FINE! I'll tell you before Eric insists on telling! I used to sneak weird stuff to feed my sweet tooth. Really weird stuff. Like cake mix mixed with just water. Cherry chip is best, for those who wanna try it. Or Tang powder, straight. But the BEST: I'd take exactly one cup of powdered sugar in a cereal bowl and into it I'd stir one package of Kool-Aid. Grape or orange taste best. I'd stir it up really well, then I'd lick my spoon on the bottom, and lower it onto the top of the sugary perfection. I'd lick off what stuck to the bottom of the spoon, and repeat until it was gone. I recommend reading a favorite book and sitting on the floor behind your bed out of sight while you do prolongs the perfection of the moment.

Oh, and don't bother trying to brush away the purply goodness from your lips and tongue. It doesn't work.

.......I told you I was weird. But don't hold it against me. It's really one of my more endearing qualities.

Tagging six others: And not because you are my favorites necessarily:

Eric, my brother. You can post your weird things here in my comments if you wish to remain blog-free in life. And you can't deny we are weird. We come by it naturally. I expect some reference to how you feel about feet. Seriously.

Tony, my sister. Same to you. But not necessarily the foot thing.

Genilimaa. You can't use the rooster as a weird thing about you, because it's awesome, not weird!

Montchan. I can't wait to see what you may write! Not that I think you're weird...Oh crap. Have I stuck my foot in again?

Simeon. I think you will have a list that rocks. Just sayin'.

AND, last but not least,

Sideon. Because I read your blog as religiously as you read mine, if not more. :)

Oh, and I'd also like to tag Gluby and his wife Lemon Blossom. They're rather new here and I'd love to get to know what's weird about them too!


Janet M. Kincaid said...

I was going to tag Sideon, but then I thought I'd leave that to you. Can't wait to read his...

Weird is so subjective, isn't it? To each of us, our oddities are perfectly normal, but to others they're strange.

Which reminds me, when I was in high school, some people would sign my yearbooks and write, "You're so weird." I still don't know what that means.

Oh well. Loved the Jell-o fingers. I'm going to have to try that sometime. Hm. Does that make me weird?

Kimberly said...

I think you need a Willy Wonka Lik-a-Stick in your stocking!

Cele said...

I have to say, you and Eric are creative - how in the world did you think of making Jello fingers? too kewl. You're going to have to remember this for your kid's Halloween party.

Sideon said...

I say you throw a party and do the jello finger things NOW! :)

You made my morning - thank you. I called in sick today. Lame joke alert, but I was sick of work. I did your tag thingy and now I'm responding and sending a big thank you and a big cyber hug.

I need to catch up on some reading, starting with Janet's!

Pete Dunn said...

I've got your lick-a-stick right HERE.

Anonymous said...

You are a FREAK!! and we love you! I wouldn't dare brushing the yummy stuff off!

Anonymous said...

Ouch. You can be assured that LB will be authoring most of the weird things about me. It's a hobby of hers.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, a fellow Tang-licker!

When I hit the Tang too hard, though, I'd get a cold sore or two in my mouth -- those suck. :P

How about powdered hot cocoa mix? That rocks in raw form too, especially if you go ahead and the raw dry non-dairy creamer too. Need to spend about 30 minutes brushing your teeth afterward, but it's worth it! :D (creamy-chocolatey grin)

Anonymous said...

Better be careful with that uppercase T -- "tang-licker" means something altogether more interesting.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

OMG, Gluby! Only YOU would point that out here. Well, maybe Pete would too!

Anyway, hilariously funny that I didn't see that in Mattman's comment. Shaking my head.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. I guess I must have hit the tang too hard.

Strange, though. I've never gotten sores on my mouth from hitting the tang too hard. Usually, well, other places.

Would it be appropriate to bear my testimony about this?

Eric said...

There's another Eric in the world? What the hell?