September 12, 2006

Total Copyright Infringement

I copied and pasted the following from Joseph's Left One, in case he deletes or sends his blog to Kingdom Come during his hiatus. I really like what he wrote and would like to use it as reference when I someday draft my own explanation letter to my TBM loved ones...I'm sorry, JLO, that I didn't ask for permission first.

Ten reasons why I can't be a Mormon anymore

10. The Book of Abraham turns out to be a common Egyptian funeral text called the Breathing Permit of Horus.
9. Anachronisms and clear plagiarisms in the Book of Mormon.
8. Joseph Smith's history of claiming to be able to find buried treasure by looking at a rock in a hat, the same method he would later use to "translate" the Book of Mormon.
7. The wholesale stealing of Masonic rites for Joseph's inspired temple ceremony.
6. Joseph's practice of sending men on missions and then "marrying" their wives as soon as they had left town; see, for example, the story of Marinda Johnson Hyde.
5. Joseph's practice of "marrying" teenage girls behind his wife's back and promising eternal life to parents of teenagers for their consent.
4. Widespread use of church funds to enrich church leaders, from the days of the Kirtland Safety Society to Brigham Young and beyond.
3. The Mountain Meadows Massacre.
2. Racism, sexism, and homophobia.
1. Most of all, the church's pattern of hiding all of these things. If you grew up Mormon, you were never told any of these things. They're all true. And I won't be a part of that anymore.


ursa smaller said...

your argument is convincing.... you win!

SuperSkeptic said...

Hi Sister Mary Lisa,

Regarding homophobia (#2):

You had left a comment on my blog ( about my questions about why homosexuality is singled out by the Christian right, when non-Christians can break the first commandment (and what Jesus called the Greatest Commandment) yet religious tolerance isn't being questioned by the Christian right.

I have a full blog entry on this topic here.

No one has commented yet. Being a former committed Mormon, do you have any idea why homosexuality is singled out? (I'm not familiar with the Book of Mormon, but feel free to use that text to answer the question.)

Warm regards,

Molly The Mormon said...


Please don't fall pray to the cunning lies of satin. Take the Book of Mormon challenge and prey about the truthfulness of the church.

If you do, I know that you will rededicate your life to Joseph Smith.


Molly the Mormon

A soul, finally free. said...

It is so true! Number 1 is what makes me the most upset. I have had to work through my anger towards the church because all of the things that were hidden. And the fact is that the 10 things you posted are ture but the list goes on and on!!! JOseph Smith was no doubt smart, but then again Hitler was smart's what you do with your intelligence. Scary thought! Well I think you should read the book "Leaving the Saints" by martha Beck. I have a copy if you want to borrow it...let me know. Its a really great book. One of my all time favorites. Love you Lisa!

Jennifer said...

Wow, so much information. Thank you for posting this, it is enlightening.
**hugs to you**