September 13, 2006

A good question about the Christian view of gays

I recently saw this post from Superskeptic and had to quote it here. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.....

"Why pick on homosexuality?

Having a bit of trouble finding the questions that John Loftus posed on Debunking Christianity. I'll post when I find 'em.

So here's something that puzzles me.

In most translations of the Bible, it's pretty clear that homosexuality is a no-no. There are plenty of other things that are no-nos, of course. The single biggest rule, though, doesn't have anything to do with homosexuality. It's the first commandment (Exodus 20:3), and Jesus puts it above the Golden Rule in Mark 12.

It is this concept: There is no other God but God.

Being gay is not in the Ten Commandments. Being gay is not addressed anywhere by Jesus. But the Christian right want to stop gay marraige because, um, well, I'm not sure.

The American Family Association has an article here that attempts to follow the following logic: If homosexual marraige is legalized, all Christians will be persecuted for their belief that homosexuality is a sin. It cites a teacher who was suspended because of an anti-gay letter he wrote to a newspaper, and a printer who was fined because he refused to print literature from a gay advocacy group.

I guess the Christian right doesn't want gay marraige to be legalized because then they won't be able to legally discriminate against gays.

But, the Christian right isn't making any noise about annulling all marraiges between Sikhs, or Jews, or Muslims, or athiests. "If we legalize it," antigay activists say, "that tells my kids that it's OK to be gay."

Really? Just like it's OK for their kids to be Sikh, or Muslim, or athiest? Many Christian families don't think it's OK to be anything but Christian. Yet thousands of people in America are disobeying the first commandment, nay, what Jesus calls the most important commandment everyday. Why is it OK with Christians that Americans tolerate and offer protection to the breaking of the first and most important commandment, yet homosexuality (which, since Jesus never talks about it, seems like it's much less important of an issue) is condemned to the point where most members of the Christian right still fight to have it criminalized?

Seriously, Christians: why is it OK for Sikhs to get married but not gays?"


Molly The Mormon said...

Sister Mary,

Being Gay is a sin and all sinners go to hell. We need to do all we can to prevent that from happening. I have a 5 step plan to ending gayism that I will post on my blog.

Please tell me you are not considering being gay.

In the name of Gidgidoni,

Molly the Mormon

La said...

You know, I've considered it. I mean seriously. Girls are softer, cuddlier, and more fun to paint toenails with.

Dick is nice, but... That's why God created strap-ons. What do you think, SML. Wanna join me on the highway to hell and have some hot girl on girl action?

Sister Mary Lisa said...

I heard from JOOM that "Frank" is perfect for people like us, La.


Simeon's Peep Stone said...

Well thought out post. It's interesting that there is really no direct evidence of Jesus talking about it and it is not in the ten commandments. It's pretty ridiculous.

Molly The Mormon said...


Please don't talk like that. You make me cry. God loves you and wants you for a sunbeam.

Please come back to the fold.

Not so Jolly,

Molly the Mormon

Sister Mary Lisa said...

LOL, Molly. I wonder if there are any sex toys on the market called "Sunbeam?" I bet it'd be a hot seller! If I find one, I'll ship you one, Molly. Unless you're BR and would rather have a different toy....?

La said...

I'd like to try to be a sunbeam for God. To come back to the fold, all I have to do is love men again?

You got it!! Sorry, SML. Molly has a strong point. Especially if she's BR. :) Ooh, I'm good...

rschram said...

Can homosexuality really be a choice? Maybe some deviants choose gay like sexuality because they are perverts. Let them be judged by God. But for those that are truly gay, let them be who they are. My wife and I have some gay friends. I think the thing that made me understand what it is to be gay is what my friends once told me. He has had some girlfriends in his late teens, but the first time he realized he was gay was when he fell in love for the first time. It had nothing to do with sex it has to do with the natural way we feel.

As for the 1st commandment; people of other religions call God by another name and may even have a slightly different definition of God. Even so, it is not a logical fallacy that their God and our God are really one in the same. Analogy: The Muslims, Christians, and the Hindus maybe just looking at the same God through three different pairs of glasses. They all see God slightly different than the other. The truth is that nobody has perfect vision except for maybe God himself. As for us mortals; we should share what we see, but not dismiss the vision of others. Maybe only together can the path be correctly perceived even if never reveled.

SuperSkeptic said...

rschram makes some excellent points, but if all American Christians had the same view on both non-Christians and homosexuality as rschram, gay marriage would probably be legal by now. Live and let live. Marry and let marry.

I don't think that the evangelical view on homosexuality is consistent without an equal--if not stronger--view on non-Christians. While free-thinkers (by that I mean people who are open to other ideas, not as a synonym for atheist) may philosophically debate whether the Christian God, Mormon God, Muslim God, and Hindu Gods are the same, many evangelicals don't hold this view.

Molly reminds me of the early South Park episode where Stan had a 3-step plan to stop his dog Sparky from being gay:

Step 1: Sit.
Step 2: Roll over.
Step 3. Don't be gay.

Sideon said...

The Christian god is too contradictory.

Love they neighbor versus sanctioned killing.

Acceptable sacrifices and a jealous god versus love thyself.

Kill a man for spilling his seed instead of impregnanting his brother's wife (am I mixing my Bible stories?) versus multiple spouses.

When it comes down to it, the Christian god is a petty bastard. I'm petty AND I'm a bastard. I'm gay. God must be gay. Did I pass the Christian logic test?

Equality said...

They also ignore the absolute proscription, from the mouth of Jesus, on divorce. Why don't they fight hard to make sure divorced people can't remarry. After all, Jesus said it (allegedly). And the fact that the law allows a divorced person to remarry (thereby committing adultery) must mean, by their logic, that they are condoning adultery.

SocietyVs said...

I think we have to care about people regardless of what they 'claim'. I mean why the church makes the 'gay' issue the worst sin is beyond me, why can;t we just treat them like we would treat others? I have no problems whatsoever with the gay community or people being gay. I am married and straight but I see no where in the bible where I am allowed to dis-like someone for what they 'claim'.