September 14, 2006

Aaaah, Memories!

This post is dedicated to my favorite older brother, Eric. A few good memories (yes, I DO have some memories, thank you!) of Sacrament Meetings gone by...

Thank God for 80's hairstyles a.k.a. Bangs To Heaven. I'd sit in Sacrament Meeting to the left of my dad so my big hair on the right side of my head would cover my sleeping face. I was always tired during those Sacrament Mtgs as a teen.

Of course, occasionally my brother and I would not listen to Dad's warning to "Cut the FOLdeROL!" thereby risking the worst punishment in his vast arsenal: The FAMINE!!! We'd do this by opening the hymn book and reading titles with the words "in the Bathtub" behind them. You may also have similar fun when you go into the video rental store and do the same with movie titles. Those were some fun times! To those of you non-believers who still attend church with TBM spouses, I highly recommend this excercise when times get tough.

Here are a few favorites:

Abide with Me!
As I Have Loved You
Because I Have Been Given Much
Carry On
Choose the Right
Come Along, Come Along
Come, Come, Ye Saints (Was it La who wrote 'Cum, Cum, Ye Saints?')
Come, Follow Me
Count Your Blessings
Do What is Right
Does the Journey Seem Long?
Each Life that Touches Ours for Good
Father, Cheer Our Souls Tonight
Firm as the Mountains Around Us
Gently Raise the Sacred Strain
God be with You Till We Meet Again
Guide Me to Thee
Have I Done Any Good?
He Is Risen!
Help Me Teach with Inspiration
Home Can Be a Heaven on Earth
How Beautiful Thy Temples, Lord
How Gentle God's Commands
How Great Thou Art
I Have Work Enough to Do
I Need Thee Every Hour
I Stand All Amazed
I Will Not Doubt, I Will Not Fear
I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go
Improve the Shining Moments
Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me
Keep the Commandments
Know This, That Every Soul is Free
Lean on my Ample Arm
Let Us All Press On
Love One Another
Master, The Tempest is Raging
More Holiness Give Me
Oh, How Lovely Was the Morning
O, Thou Rock of Our Salvation
On Bended Knees, With Broken Hearts
Praise to the Man
Press Forward, Saints
Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel
Rejoice! A Glorious Sound is Heard
Reverently and Meekly Now
Ring Out, Wild Bells
Rise Up, O Men of God
Rise, Ye Saints, and Temples Enter
Scatter Sunshine
School Thy Feelings
See the Mighty Priesthood Gathered
Shall the Youth of Zion Falter
Should You Feel Inclined to Censure
Sing We Now at Parting
Sons of Michael, He Approaches
Sweet is the Work
The Happy Day at Last Has Come
The Iron Rod (This is one of my favorites, of course!)
The Time is Far Spent
The World Has Need of Willing Men
There is Beauty All Around
Thy Servants are Prepared
Thy Spirit, Lord, Has Stirred our Souls
Thy Will, O Lord, Be Done
Tis Sweet to Sing the Matchless Love
Truth Reflects Upon Our Senses
We Are All Enlisted
We Are Sowing
We Have Partaken of thy Love
What Glorious Scenes Mine Eyes Behold
Where Can I Turn for Peace?
With All the Power of Heart and Tongue (another good one)
With Wondering Awe
Ye Simple Souls Who Stray
Ye Who Are Called to Labor


Eric said...

Those were the best of times, those were the worst of times! LOL, getting the giggles in sacrament meeting was never reverent! Other sacrament meeting favorites that earned us a FAMINE IN THE LAND!:
1. Sister Marchant's head bobbing trying not to fall asleep while Valerie Marchant kept bumping her with an elbow.
2. Speaking of Marchants, ANYTIME brother Marchant would sing for everyone! I didn't know then that my voice would be equally low!
3. Everytime a certain to remain nameless sister would sit between us and throw us off key during the hymns. Our only recourse was uncontrollable giggling. Poor girl got the famine too and never new why.
4. The lady giving a talk, getting emotional and crying without taking the precaution of waterproof mascara that morning. She transitioned into a mime face right in front of everyone undermining her emotional moment.
5. The spider that was building a nice new web in the huge hair of the old lady sitting in front of us.
6. Grandpa farting in sacrament, and crying, and singing too loud, and saying amen in the middle of a prayer... Guess our meeting conduct is an inherited trait!

Sister Mary Lisa said...

LOL, thank GOD I'm alone right now in the office! I should copy and paste your reply into another post. Sheece. Best and worst of times is RIGHT!!

Brother Marchant, too funny. I can hear his voice now in my head.

You crack me up. You should set up your own blog titled Family Memories so I can go back and get a few memories recalled once in a while!

Sideon said...



**still giggling**

I will never be able to look at hymns again. It's bad enough, tacking on "in bed" to fortune cookies.


Sister Mary Lisa said...

Sideon, I never tried that yet. I'm gonna have to! Good one! You have to try adding "in the bathtub" or "in bed" to the back of movie titles in the video rental store. It's hilarious. Especially really late at night, just before they close.

Just one of many said...

We liked to predict which kid would get to wonder the foyer first! We always laid bets on who would make the bee-line to the podium first for fast and testimony bearing. I am ADD and before I had kids would volunteer to take other peoples kids on a foyer walk!!

Bishop Rick said...


You wirr have great ruck in arr your business bed.


Janet M. Kincaid said...

Isn't this the same as adding "IN THE BEDROOM" to the end of your fortune cookie fortune? For example, "You will be prosperous and happy...IN THE BEDROOM"?

I think I'll try this out with the hymn book. I haven't had a good laugh in a while. (Well, that's not true. I just saw Little Miss Sunshine tonight and I laughed so hard, I had tears running down my face.)

Still... can you imagine how mortified Boyd K. would be if he knew about this game with the hymn book?! Hee hee hee. All the more reason to play it!

(And I just noticed that several other bloggers just mentioned the "in the bedroom" suffix. Ah, this must be a blog of great minds!)

Janet M. Kincaid said...

Just read your comments over on my blog. Here's my reply to your comment on "Photo Booth."

I served a mission in Austria from October 1989 to April 1991. I started off in Linz, then was in Vienna from March 1990 to January 1991. After that, I landed in Wiener Neustadt for a couple of months and then spent the last three weeks of my mission in Villach. I loved it there.

I was in Wien II for the summer of '90, while all of the BYU exchange students were there. In fact, I was part of the group of missionaries that organized the ward party that was a beach barbeque. It was me, Sister Chartrand, Elder Davis and several other elders whose names escape me.

While I was in Vienna, I served in Wien II, Vienna International Branch, and Wien III. Don't know if that helps...

I've long since floated away from the church. It started shortly after my mission and just progressed through college and into grad school, until I finally stopped going all together. My "inactivity" is a combination of growing tired of gender inequality, church involvement in politics (particularly the gay marriage debate and ballot initiatives), and the bald-faced suppression of the church's history. My family are all still TBM, but--with rare exception (family member giving a talk, death of my grandfather)--my shadow hasn't darkened the door of an LDS church building in five or six years. And I don't even miss it.

Anyway--let me know who you are (i.e. last name while you were in Vienna.) I love the name of your blog, by the way. It sounds so Catholic! ;-)

Liseysmom said...

That is so funny - my sister and I did the same exact thing to get through boring meetings. Either that or we would re-work the program. Once we transformed Jesus with his sheep into Jesus the hippie smoking a joint.

Perhaps I was always destined for apostacy...