September 29, 2006

On a lighter note...

I noticed too many of my blogs revolve around my experiences leaving Mormonism behind...I want to dedicate this post to my newfound happiness.


Stepping out of my detached garage to find my husband sitting on a lawn chair in the late afternoon sunshine, beer in hand, enjoying watching the kids and puppy play ball around him on the freshly mowed lawn. These days are the best.

Watching my kids play sports, and seeing their secret smiles or nods to me from the field.

Erdbeer-Rahm Schokolade. (Strawberry cream chocolate) Nobody here makes it like they do in Europe.

Painting for 8 hours straight with nobody making me feel guilty that I could be spending time with them instead. I'm not sure I've done this but the thought of doing so makes me happy!

Travel plans of any kind. Especially of the book-a-trip-to-Hawaii-or-Austria variety!

Lunch at Olive Garden with Jazzy & Tony eating our usual: Salad with Naughty Sticks dipped in Naughty Sauce!

My husband letting me warm my ice blocks I once considered feet on his warm ones every night in winter.

Fall leaves as they change.

All trees.

Going to the fair and drinking that delicious freshly-squeezed lemonade, and eating greasy fair food.

Sitting home on rainy days with a warm blanket and a good book, with a perfect view of the rain outside.

The smell of wood fences just after it rains.

Laughing about childhood antics with my siblings. I mean really laughing. Oh yeah, mocking and making fun of each other too. Our cutting wit is just too much.

Coming to work to find I got a dollar raise for no reason.

Sitting with my dog in my lap, playing with his soft ears.

Going on hot dates with my man.

Giving my kid a back massage every single night. Even though I protest, I really don't mind doing it, because someday he won't "need" me anymore.

When my daughter climbs in my bed in the morning to sleep just a little longer before I get us up.

Blaring the radio in my car when a good song comes on.

The fuzz on old ladies' cheeks.

5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Playing games until late on Saturday nights, without the worry in the back of my mind that I still haven't prepared a sharing time lesson yet.

Listening to my kids tell me about their day.

Shopping for swimsuits. HEY! How'd this get here? That should be on my "Things I Absolutely DETEST" list! I'm just checking to see if you're still reading or if I've put you to sleep yet.

Looking west at the Montana sky in the evening. There really is something bigger and better about the sky here.

Taking photos of my stepdaughter, A. She's one beautiful person, inside and out.

Reading a favorite novel.

Watching the movie Love Actually again, even though I've seen it 5 times.

Music from The Sound of Music.

My husband when he sings.

Being around my extended family.

The smell when I walk into a bookstore. Same when I walk into an art supply store.

Wearing my favorite pair of jeans.

Big round hay bales in a field.

Sitting by the ocean while my kids play in it.

Knowing that I'm OK.


La said...

JESUS CHRIST you have a lot of things that make you happy. That's super dooper. I guess a lot of those things make me happy too, but I don't acknowledge them. Like lunch at Olive Garden!! That's the BEST! But I would've forgot it if making a list.

You are a great example, Lisa

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Oh crap. Thanks, La. I forgot to mention JESUS CHRIST on my list of things that makes me happy!

Ha ha. I JUST POSTED this list, too. You must either be a speed reader or else you skimmed the list because it was way too long. Which is completely understandable.


La said...

I TOTALLY read the whole thing!! I even read the one about swimsuit shopping. You just need to go with the right people, I think. Cause it can be fun.

You crack me up...

Jazzy said...


I can picture them all! I think that everyone should make a list of the things that makes them happy, and they should read that list everyday in order to remind them of all the good things in life. Then, the sad times and/or stressful times won't be as bad.


Sister Mary Lisa said...

Looking at my body in a swimsuit is like watching Pillsbury biscuits pop out of their tube and ooze over the edges in slow-motion. It's enough to throw me into a week long depression. Just remembering myself as I looked in the dressing room mirror the last time I shopped for a swimsuit is enough to make me want to take sandpaper to my eyeballs.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Jazzy, thanks. It's true, I find happiness in the little things. Keeps me going. Especially after I've gone swimsuit shopping.


A soul, finally free. said...

I LOVE being happy. I think its cool that you made a list because when we get caught up in things, we forget the things that make us happy. I love smiling and laughing and being happy and free, it feels so darn good. Olive im hungry!! haha. Oh, and i actually kina like swin suit shopping, i have no idea why but i like having a varity of them to choose from. Well I love you.

Cele said...

Your Pillsbury dough comment made me choke on my water (it was either that or spit it out.)

I totally agree with Jazzy, everyone should make one of these list..and I will. Several months ago I read a "100 things about me" list. I had to do it. I've decided that annually after each birthday I am going to make a new "100 things about me" list and post it to my site. But I will follow your example first and do a things that make me happy list.

Several days ago I read your Bio sheet. Again today you mentioned Love Actually. I LOVE THIS MOVIE. We have many similarities.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Cele, are you saying you HATE SWIMSUIT SHOPPING too?! My favorite characters in the movie Love Actually is the one Liam Neeson plays - the stepdad whose wife has just died, and I love the support he gives his young stepson who's in love...

La said...

I laughed out loud regarding taking sandpaper to your eyeballs. Puh-lease... You need to appreciate the beauty of the doughy goodness oozing out of the swimsuit hems.

Cele said...

Do people buy swim suits? Not me. We are contemplating a hot tub - thank heavens we've been contemplating for two years. The thought of buying a bathing suit gives me hot flashes and makes me WANT to swoon.

I love the part when everyone stands up and starts singing in the church. A beautiful scene based on an actual event. I remember the first time watching thinking, oh Cele what did you do, you're not going to like this movie. I loved so much (and the hubby too - although for totally different reasons) I went out and bought a copy. Fabulous cast, fabulous movie.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Cele, the good news about owning your own hot tub is there is no swimwear required. You are in luck.

I wish my hot tub hadn't fried itself and melted the floating chem dispenser in there. It was bad. It warped the plastic, it got so hot. Scary. Imagine if I'd lowered my cute little toes in there! Scalding is not my idea of a good time.

Cele said...

No swimsuit - OHMIGOD!!!!!- please tell me I can where a burka or something...because I ain't doing the bare it all routine...not at my advanced stage of hot flashes and cellulite.


montchan said...


There I said it! Who cares how I look in them??? It's fun just to try them on, especially the super tiny Brazilian ones, that are made of something the size of postage stamps tied together with dental floss!

Olive Garden... Why did you have to remind me? I think the nearest one is in the US... cry, cry...

Sideon said...

Thanks, SML, for the best chuckle I've had in days :)

"sandpaper to the eyes" - OMG - I still can't breath!

Awesome post. You've inspired me. Today, I'll post my happy list.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Sideon, I thought maybe I'd inspired you to go swimsuit shopping too! Oh wait, you can just go in the nude in your own back yard! Lucky, lucky man.

I wonder if my Pillsbury dough floats as well as I imagine it does?? Must find out, since I can't swim so well.