September 8, 2006

Oh yeah...

I forgot one funny thing that happened to me while I was in SLC. Picture me, standing there in Lagoon on a hot Sunday evening as my kids and my brother are just getting on the Cliffhanger ride, when suddenly my husband's cell phone rings. He hands me the phone. It's Sis. X from church, asking if I did my visiting teaching in August. I tell her no.

"Not even one?!" she asks with shock in her voice. I'm irritated that I feel compelled to explain myself. "I know I'm always 100% (I have no partner right now) but I was really busy this month with school starting and with planning a trip to Utah, so I didn't find time." Worse, I had to yell above all the screaming people ~ when she asks where I am: "I'm at Lagoon today! Sunday was the only day my brother could come with us!" Then I get an "Oooooooh." Like I care what she thinks. I'm irritated I even felt the need to explain. Next time I'll just say nope. Didn't do it. No explaining.

I have enjoyed visiting teaching because I've always done it on my terms. I do it on my lunch hour at the restaurant of my ladies' choice. This keeps it short and sweet, and it's fun to gift ourselves with a fun lunch among friends. I really enjoy it. I've only recently in the last two months had visiting teachers who actually visit me, and we do it over lunch as well. It seems that for years I've been assigned home teachers and visiting teachers who don't visit me...

I probably would have done my visiting teaching in August, if it wasn't for the fact that one of my ladies is the RS president (who admitted she put herself on my list because she likes me a lot and wanted to get to know me better), the same one who found out from my friend that I'm questioning the church and rather than call me herself, she told the bishop or high priest group leader, prompting my fun letter (See the letter here.)

I'm laughing at the phone call, though. How uncomfortable. Someday maybe that won't bother me so much.


Just one of many said...

OMG, what a downer! You forgot to complete your checklist before spending quality time with family...?!?
I just LOVED the judgemental oooooooh, that I am sure oozed from the phone!! I get it every single day!
I do miss the forced friendships. I realize now they weren't real...because where are they now?
I've made some really nice nonmo's and am starting my life over. Did you ever talk to your family about the church while visiting them?

Sister Mary Lisa said...

I mostly visited with my mom, brother, and one sister while I was in UT, and they already knew the feelings and position I'm in with Mormonism. None of them are active (and haven't been for years and years) although I think my mom and bro still believe it's basically true, they just choose not to live it. My sis I don't think believes it's true, but is of the who cares, who needs religion mindset right now. They are awesome. It's my dad who is still TBM and will go off when I tell him, I think. I'm waiting to do it in writing. I need to gather my thoughts and prepare.

La said...

I'd agree: next time = short and to the point. No explanation whatsoever.

And who hasn't been to theme parks, restaurants, and all sort of sabbath-taboo places on Sunday? Let he who is without sin.... Well you know.


LG said...

I've had the pleasure - and I do mean pleasure - of answering the phone from Sister/Brother X while in a bar. And intoxicated. Because I thought it was hilarious. That put an end to the random calls from the leaders in my branch at the time.