September 22, 2006

Service Project

Last week Wednesday my son went to YM. They ended up doing a service project at someone's house. Once he got home I asked who they helped. He said, we did yardwork at the Walker's house. (Name changed)


The last time I was in their home it was a relief society Enrichment meeting, where they discussed the new program of interest groups vs. actual regular monthly meetings. The entire RS fit in the living room of this home. It is absolutely a show home. I think they could easily entertain a dignitary in it. It is huge, high ceilings, white carpets, with a really big indoor pool off one wing of the home. There are fountains of water that shoot in arcs from the sides of the pool into it. They used to live in Saudi Arabia or someplace near it, and everywhere you look you can see artwork and beautiful things from around the world. Not sure what he does for a living. They are maybe in their 50's or early 60's I'd say. They have the pool room painted with clouds and sky and fun words about friends being welcome...

It was one of my most embarrassing moments when we were there in a big group giving our ideas for possible interest groups, and I raised my hand and was telling them my idea when suddenly the dining chair I was sitting on broke and I flailed my arms and legs to avoid falling. Could that BE any more humiliating?! Of course it wouldn't break until the moment ALL EYES were on me. And let me tell you, if having a nicely upholstered wooden chair break under your weight doesn't make you feel fat, nothing else will.

My son said they did yardwork pulling weeds and cleaning up the yard at this house. We have lots of poor and lower and middle class people in my ward....and the only service project they could think up was doing the yardwork at the nicest home, BY FAR, that we have in our ward?! I asked my son if they swam too, thinking that may have been the ultimate goal in going there to begin with. Nope. Service project.

Shaking my head in disbelief.


La said...

Oh, so now you're financially biased?? See how the devil has inflitrated your soul??

*sigh* I'm gonna have a house like that someday. But I'll let the kids swim after they fix my yard.

Oh, and my house will have a hunky housekeeper.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

I'd for sure have a coupla hunky GARDENERS and therefore would have no need for a service project at my home. Sheece.

And yes, I'm in the throes of coveting my neighbor's house, just like Satan wants me to do!

Kidding. That place is a mausoleum.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they are so strapped by their mortgage they need the help? Not!

The church seems to me to be self serving and ignorant of it.

I am new to the exmo blog scene. I've been trying to make it on my own for the past 5 years. Just this week I got a big flamer and that lead me to looking everyone up. I know that I have probably missed some of your blogs, but I have been enjoying your comments.

I just wanted to let you know that I started a new blog just for exmos & Mormon flamers who visit exmo blogs and cause trouble.

If you are interested in sharing your favorite flamers just copy & paste their comments or emails in the comments section for the daily blog entry set up just for that. Feel Free to post a link to the blog they were commenting on. You might as well get a little promotion out of your trouble.

I am also publishing little known facts (with references) about the Mormon cult. If there is something you want to share please feel free to email it to me.

Nut Job Jen

Just one of many said...

It's typical of the Morg wasting their time in fruitless effort just to make themselves feel better. What a lack of effort in finding a person with a REAL NEED! But then again average ward members work for free, rich GA's get paid for people kissing the ass.
You HAVE gone to the devil

Simeon's Peep Stone said...

This is so funny. My initial thought was that maybe this couple was a little less active and that's why they were being helped. I've seen that happen in the past. I was thinking you might be able to get them to do some yard work at your house if you pull the right strings. You'll probably have to go back to church though for a couple of weeks after they finish with the SML Serice Project.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

I don't think even the church trying to get me back would be willing to dedicate the week and 20 YM required to bring my yard back into shape!

Matt said...

Hi, Mary Lisa.

You have a link on my website.

The link you provided doesn't work, so I linked it to
your blog, instead.

Best wishes,


A soul, finally free. said...

I remember the good old days of young womens when we got to do all sorts of fun service cleaning up the temple, come on I read in the book "understanding mormonism" a book written my mo's that we have money enough to rival a small nation...and yet they can't get sonmeone to plant ther own flowers. No, because they are teaching us how to us women can grow up and do all the cooking, cleaning and gardining, oh and baking to. They are preparing us for "life." Well sorry but that kind of life reminds me too much of slavery and that was suppose to have been abolished. hehe. so joe is still going to church?

Bishop Rick said...

I can't get the picture of SML flailing wildly, while all looked on in utter astonisment, out of my mind. I can see the dropped jaws and flushed cheeks now.


skinnylittleblonde said...

LOL at comments!
Sister Mary Lisa, the realization is disheartening! It's not the devil or satan...just self-serving & it's all over!
The company I worked at for 8 years recruited me to work for 2 days w/ Habitat for Humanity. They gave me a Company T-shirt to wear, took my pic & had it put in the newspaper. Then told me, I could not use 2 of my 10+ unused sick days to cover my time away...because I wasn't sick! They had pictures of me with a paintbrush in hand & a smile on my face!
I laughed & said 'Oh yeah I am...just not physically!'
Then when I asked this same, Fortune 200 company to sponsor me ten dollars for a walk-a-thon for American Diabetes Fondation, they declined.
Bottom line, I still do the Walk-a-Thon, still do the Habitat, minus the corporate advertising & I quit the job!
Ration & reason can work with've got it all.
A lot of folks have issues with the organized part of organized religion. This is but another example of why.
Peace & love to you & all in your world. Despite it all, those young men did good.

Anonymous said...

The only time I ever got help from the members of my ward was when I lived in Austin Texas. I had a pregnancy go bad and was on bed rest when I wasn't in the hospital for two months.

The ladies in the ward got together and made a plan. My children, 5 of them were taken care of, my house cleaned and meals provided, which wasn't easy for them, as we are vegan. They sat with me at home all day long when I was there. They even made sure my husband had time to come and see me everyday.

When I lost the babies, twins, they still helped until I was able to care for my family. I was truly greatful. I have never felt so welcome in any other ward, not even the one I grew up in.

I don't think this had anything to so with them being LDS. As Texans are very friendly and neighborly in general.

The old guy across the street would mow our lawn because we didn't have a lawn mower and next door live a very old little lady who would bake us pecan pies fron the nuts my kids would gather from both our yards. Neither of them LDS.

Texans are just lovely people... I wish we would have stayed there. But life moves on.


Eight Hour Lunch said...

Ugh. I remember a service project when I was first married...the back yard was filled with shoulder high weeds. We had to get rid of them. The owners of the house were in their 40's and I couldn't see a thing wrong with them physically. That didn't keep them from watching us like a bunch of servants as we wasted a perfectly good Saturday morning slaving for a bunch of people who should have gotten off their lazy asses and done it themselves. I'm a little bitter.