August 16, 2006

Name that Blog...

I read many blogs in Outer Blogness before I started mine. I love the names and creativity everyone has, so I wanted to find a name for mine that was cool and depicted me best. I actually sat down with a paper and pencil and here are a few of the rejected ideas, although they were good, I thought. The name Sister Mary Lisa is hardly cool, but I decided I'd go for honesty over popularity here.

jello salad
jello salad with carrots
goody 2 shoes
just me
why? why not?
to be, or not to be
god's teeth
new and improved
hell's bells
as if
think twice
sister mary lisa

The name Sister Mary Lisa was given to me as a nickname by a co-worker I had at Albertsons when I was 17. I'd attend their parties and such and had a great time joking around, and playing practical jokes, and flirting with them, but I always maintained my Mormon standards while around them. One night they were teasing me for being prude and one of them said something like "Sister Mary Lisa wouldn't drink!" so the name stuck. But thankfully only that one guy ever called me it. And sadly it fits me to a T.

Until I decide to shake free of it.


La said...

Well, let me tell you all the thought I put into MINE! :)

My mom's favorite movie is Finding Nemo. So: Finding La. That's all. Boring!

Oh, and I did intend to use it as a venue for self-disovery so thus La's Self-Discovery Blog.

Sister Mary Lisa is cute...makes you wonder if you're mormon or catholic! :)

Simeon's Peep Stone said...

I think Sister Mary Lisa is great. Jello Salad would have been funny too. I just used my new name as a big fuck you to the church and then threw in a peep stone since you can have so much fun with them.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Jello Salad was my second choice. I've never been endowed so the new name thing was news to me as I read your posts. I'm sure I'd have been unlucky like Cynthia and gotten Hagar or Eunice too. I mean really!

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Oh, I forgot to mention my other favorite...

square peg

Equality said...

I like Sister Mary Lisa. Sound slike an alternative band form the 90s or something. Maybe you'll get some Catholics to visit as well, looking for their old grammar school teacher or something. Enjoying your blog. Though I am on hiatus right now, I am adding you to my blogroll (if that's OK with you).

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Go for it! I'm still so new I don't know how to add people to my blogroll. I didn't even know the term BLOGROLL until just now!!

Any technical advice would be much appreciated!


Joseph's Left One said...

I like the name, too. It's vaguely Catholic-prim sounding.

Mine's just a spare testicle. LOL

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Prim describes me perfectly. Unfortunately.

Except for that one time that I got pregnant while attending BYU......

:o Verrrrrrr.

Eric said...

Finding Eric sounded too much like La's blog, and I wanted a new me, so I went with A New Eric.

Go with what you want to achieve. If you want to shed the sister label, go with something like Shedding the Sister.

Embrace the method of everyone's madness.