August 17, 2006

Blogroll, please!

Thanks to La for informing me so well how to create a blogroll of my own. I have arrived! I hope there is not a rule about asking permission first! If so, my apologies to those who find their names here, and my apologies to any I may have missed adding! I'm sure my list will be longer soon.

Happy blogging, my friends.


La said...

Hooray!!! Such mastery... :)

Some people ask, some people don't. I wouldn't say it's a big deal.

Now your blog is looking all professional and stuff. Way to go!

Eric said...

blogging is like a stone rolling down the hill. it WILL get easier the more you mess around with it! love it so far... the best of luck!

Sideon said...

Thanks for wanting to add my link, and I'd be happy to add you, too, Sister Mary!

I'm enjoying your blog very much.


Equality said...

I would be honored to be on your blogroll, Lisa. Equality Time

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Duly added! Thanks, all, for your kind support.