August 16, 2006


I'm discovering for myself that it's pretty hard to discuss my issues with the church with my few friends that belong to the church. I've only attempted to discuss it online with a single sister aged 25 who recently moved. I told her I'd been having serious doubts that weren't going away, and she immediately said, talk to your bishop. When I tried to relate my concerns in detail, she really didn't want to hear it. Or to tell me what she thought. I copied some quotes by Brigham Young on his Adam-God theory and asked her what she thought. She wrote back that that stuff was completely true. That Adam IS our father since he was the first man on earth. I said, but Brigham Young taught that Adam was the father of Jesus Christ, and was actually THE GOD. Then I showed her that Spencer W. Kimball denounced all Adam-God references as false doctrine. Her reply was, "Enough Lisa. I don't want to talk about it anymore. There is no point trying to prove anything to each other...we both believe what we let ourselves believe. It's bonified bible bashing and nothing good comes of it. I'm sorry."

This is probably typical behavior of LDS folks when trying to openly discuss issues, I'm beginning to believe. She's exactly right though, that we believe what we let ourselves believe. It's scary how good humans can be at denial. I think for her it would be horrible and traumatic to actually discover for herself that Mormonism isn't true. She is 25, single, and admitted to me recently that she has VL. I asked what that was, and she replied Virgin Lips, as in NEVER BEEN KISSED. I was shocked to the core, and can only assume this is more of the preaching that you shouldn't even date non-members, whom have been attracted to her but she wouldn't let it go anywhere. Such a waste of a great woman.


Simeon's Peep Stone said...

This is typical TBM spin. It's frustrating that a conversation about just one issue like Adam-God gets shut down so quickly. TBM's feel that any questioning or acknowledgement of uncertainty is unforgiveable. It's funny though since there wasn't much of a debate to begin with. She has no choice but to believe Kimball since he trumps all previous prophets. Interacting with TBM's on this level is futile.

Joseph's Left One said...

Why did this post depress me? Oh, yeah, because I know someone exactly like that. No need to actually discuss anything rationally; nope, let's just go confess to the bishop and it will all go away.

Hellmut said...

There's nothing wrong with Mormonism except that those who believe the most are getting hurt the worst.