August 18, 2006

Garage Sale

I hate that we are having a garage sale tomorrow. I can think of a hundred things I'd rather do than work at my own garage sale, watching people go thru my junk looking for treasure. Maybe I'll list a few of my preferences.

I'd rather....

be painting the portrait I have on my easel right now
draw a drawing and frame it for my brother's birthday this Sunday
watch Love Actually again
set the junk out there until it all disappears magically
play with my dachsund
go to the fair and eat fried stuff
finish my daughter's school clothes shopping
pluck out my eyeballs and stomp on them

The upside is that my husband and son hauled all the stuff out to our detached garage, organized it all, and labeled it all. The work is really done, for the most part. While I sat here and worked on something much easier at work.

To those of you who enjoy going to garage sales and looking for treasures: please come to mine tomorrow and buy it all in one shot, so I can do my list above instead!


La said...

Montana is kind of a far drive for someone's junk. :)

Can't you paint or draw during the slow times?

Sister Mary Lisa said...

I can draw, but I'd rather not paint outside. Never tried it yet. Too hard to move my easel out there that's designed for indoor use.

Plus my bro's b-day is coming this Sunday and he's in San Diego so I need to light a fire under it!