August 26, 2006

Am I a sheep?

School started this Wednesday for my children as well. I can finally shed the mother-guilt I feel every summer when I'm working and my kids fend for themselves. I HATE working during the summer when I could be home with my kids. Or painting. Or both.

My son decided to try football for the first time this year. I pick him up each day after work at 5:30. Today I arrived early and parked my car to watch the rest of practice. There were about 50 boys, all in dark jerseys and white helmets. I was amazed when I discovered I had picked out my son out among all those boys as they ran some sort of drill. I didn't know his number, or which shorts he'd taken to wear, yet I could tell that was my son. I felt like a mother sheep who can find her lamb in a crowd of lambs with no problem.

I was so proud of him, like you feel when you watch your kids when they are little trying to hit the ball on the tee, or when you watch them learning to walk...the happiness you feel when they feel proud of themselves for doing it right. I don't explain myself well, but my pride in my kids is so strong sometimes. My kids are amazing to me. Sometimes I don't feel like I'm worthy to be their mother. Regardless of this, I feel so blessed and lucky to have them in my life.

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schmeg said...

I don't think you are weird. I think your kids are special, too. I hope they know I feel that way about them. I'm sure they do not know it, cuz I don't make myself loud and clear to them. I need to start working on that. I need to invest the time w/mine that you do on yours.... you guys make it look easy to do, but I know it's not. My children do not have dads that are able/willing to spend that kind of time on a daily basis for school sports and I want you to know that your family's unselfishness in that regard is extra-ordinary!